Intel, Nvidia Bury Hatchet For a Mere $1.5 Billion



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1.5B is alot of $$$ even for Intel...



I personally think it would be great for both companies if they were to merge.  Intel would gain a lot of expertise in the graphics field, another perspective on chipsets, and an answer to the AMD/ATi merger, and nvidia would get new fabs and a strong financial backer, as well as all of the market share gained from being Intel's sole supplier of integrated graphics.  

The problem is, both companies are too proud to admit that they could use the other, and the SEC would put a stop to it faster than you can Antitrust.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Oh, and open the sourcecode to XP and let Microsoft sell it as an Open Source OS

It would be great to boot up my NVidia Tablet to an open source copy of XP with DX12 and SSD support

Just rip out the registration spyware and all the crap that runs to the Evilnet for anything and fix the rest


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