HP CEO Mark Hurd Resigns Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations



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Who f'ing cares. Whats Maximum about this? She's 50. Gross. Can we please stay on the task at hand MPC? Slow weekend? Looking for filler?


Peanut Fox

HP is one of the largest IT companies on the planet.  If you don't think this won't have any sort of ripple down the tech chain, then you aren't looking at the big picture.



I want to work for HP!  Damn--where else can I commit open fraud and still walk away with millions?  I really wonder how long it is until some regular schmuck in these companies sues for discrimination when the CEO carpet-bombs his own career and gets generous settlements while the rest of us are lucky to escape with concrete burns on our asses. 

I know most of it is probably contractural, but I'm honestly waiting for the day when  Steve Jobs is kicked out of Apple again, due to shooting several iphone executives because they wouldn't hold their phones the same way Spock does a mind-meld.  Really--where (if any) limits is there for these corporate types who commit legal crimes of fraud?  You'd think some roomful of rich idiots giving money away to CEO salaries would add a clause for comitting crimes or something. 



eat that up.

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