Hitachi-LG Launches Second Generation SSD Embedded Optical Drive



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this is all a moot point.  in the very near future almost all personal storage will be on a new form factor, probably about quarter sized, based on technology similar to ssds.  it will be cheaper than current hds and faster than current ssds.  until then cheap regular 2.5 in drives are fine.  i still cringe remembering spending $3000 on my first p90. anyone currently buying ssd tech will do the same.



Will sure help shrink laptops and would enable netbooks to get an optical drive.  I don't use OD's much lately.  I find myself streaming more and more.  But steaming is not "there" yet, therefore I might consider a 3D Blu-Ray with 256 SSD combo if it would shrink my next laptop.  But the SSD would have to be TOP quality and the OD top quality.

I can see that if the OD breaks then that would suck.  Perhaps if they made the SSD removeable from the OD, therefore if one part breaks, you can more easier replace the ONE part.



Keith E. Whisman

I've had more ODD fail in laptops and desktops than any other component. They had better build a really good ODD if it's going to be an expensive multi use device. 

I've had DVD Burners fail after only 3months of regular use. Some ODD units are designed with such cheap parts that they don't survive much longer than 50 disc burns. I burn about 50 discs a month.

I'm lucky, the ODD in my laptop has about 700 disc burns and it still acts like it's new. My last 3 laptops couldn't sustain that much without being shipped back to the manufacturer for Warranty repairs. 

That Burner better be able to sustain at least 5,000 to 10,000 burns before it fails because it'll suck having to replace an ODD/SSD combo drive because the ODD is made out of freaking styrofoam. I think when it comes to laptops, the SSD should be coupled to a standard HDD if anything at all. SSD's are just so damn expensive and attaching them to an otherwise cheap component is just asking for trouble. 

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