Google Wave Being Developed Into a Fully Functional Application



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Keith E. Whisman

Google Wave, what's that? I've never heard of it before now. Doh! Perhaps that's the reason why it's dead, Google didn't even try to push advertising out about it.



The biggest problem was the slow rollout, I think. Wave enjoyed a period of intense interest at the start, but for those of us who got an invite it quickly became an exercise in frustration as we have no one to communicate with.

By the time they had enough invites out and about, it was old news. They should have continued to tease it and waited for a larger roll out when it was integrated with Gmail. I think that the seperate package is the best alternative, and I'll be hosting a server on my site as soon as it's available. I look forward to what the open source community will do with it.


Keith E. Whisman

I took a look at Wave and it looks a lot like BlackBoard my college uses for online work. If it's faster and more reliable than Blackboard then perhaps it should be considered by higher education organizations as an option as opposed to Blackboard. Blackboard just doesn't look and feel like anything current and up to date but Wave sure looks a lot more polished. 

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