Google Reminds us Laptop Hell is a Real Place



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hmm. Those laptops seem really flimsy.



A browser based OS is genius, but the cloud will always be a pipe dream. it can never completely replace local data storage. but this is versus culture! round 4651 fight!!



I get what most people who responded to this thread are referring to when they speak of data security. I myself do my own backups and handle all of my storage needs on my home network to ensure that I dont randomly start buying shoes for kids in Europe (or anyone else for that matter) but at the same time this idea of unified data storage is amazing for most end users. Having done about 3 data recoveries in the last week for people who treat their computers like terds its nice knowing that with this interface no matter how ridiculous a person maybe with their possessions I won't have to spend hours looking through recreated folder hierarchies to find their ABBA albums. Thank you Google for making my life a little less complicated.



...does the Cloud also buy you new laptops?  My point here is that the CLOUD has 1 thing going for it, and 1 things against it.

1.  It safely stores your data...yes we all know that.

2.  It also allows whomever is running the CLOUD server, complete access to all your data.

Sure, you can pasword or otherwise encrypt your data and then a 15 year old kid can crack all your protection schemes in about a heartbeat.  So I guess the question is:  Which is worth more?  Data storage in case you treat your compyer like a....volleyball, or making sure your data remains YOUR data.  Personally, I'd like my data to be on MY computer and not in the wilds where I wouldn't even know if I was being hacked.





If a 15 can crack your password u have a horrible password, data stored out on a server by Google or Microsoft is actually most likely safer than it being stored on your computer. All I have to do is hack into your network at home and I'm free to do what I feel like and get whatever information I want, but large tech companies cab store data without have someone hack into the network holding that data, and if it's encrypted with a strong password, no ones getting into it



That’s assuming you have an internet connection most of the time. Hah! No thanks I rather manage my content locally and I'll manage my own backups remotely. The only way this will hit, google better work something out with the monopoly telecommunication companies with their outrageous caps and bandwidth speeds.



that's plenty for the text he was using.


Brett Schealler

Hmm... since it is google we are talking about, we could certainly call it "Android" hell too lol.



Good thing the remembered everything including the kitchen sink!



at this time GOOGLE would like to remind you that laptop hell is a REAL place and you will be sent there at the first sign of defiance


Brett Schealler

lol nice reference. since it is google, surely we could call it "android" hell too. for the sake of correctness and irony lol.



In todays times the online environment is becoming more and more prevalent to be our source for all our needs and all Google is doing is making that easier. Sure there is people that will never trust the online source options for data storage due to the horror stories floating around. I think we need to ask a simple question, how can Google not protect your data when they are spearheading the first step. Do you seriously feel that they do not have failsafes in place to prevent hacking, do you feel that a 15 year old could take control of a Google server? I truly feel that people are fast to distrust things that they know nothing about. In time Google may or should I say will prove their worth and protection. Remember! you are only as safe as your password so what makes you better than a multi Billion dollar server farm monitored around the clock by professionals?

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