Google Instant is Improving Ad Revenues, but was that the Motivation?



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I have to agree with Google on this one. Marin's statements make it clear that advertisers are raking in the cash from Instant. However, the same is not true for Google. A 2% increase ($380 million) in gross revenue sounds like a lot until you consider that their cost have risen about 118% ($10 billion) since 2006. Let's face it, $380 million to Google is like $76 to the rest of us. It's enough for a nice dinner for two at a decent restaurant, but that's about it.Now as to weather or not Instant is worth anything. I conduct several hours of internet research every week and I have used Google since it’s launch in 1998. I know how this search engine is supposed to behave. And I can say without reservation that Instant is a disaster. The response time of Google was never a real problem. Most searches were completed in under 1 second. And they were usually very accurate. Now Google completes a search in about 1/5th the time. But the results are near useless. I have experienced the following problems... Search terms are frequently ignored, quotation marks are always ignored, relevance ranking is rarely if ever applied, Google mis-navigates and Google locks up. A research project that used to take 1-2 hours now takes three times as long.



So if Instant not only makes search better but also earns Google more money, is it a bad thing? Why is this news?



anything to reduce typing on a small screen is a win for the user.

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