Good Old Games Waves Goodbye



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If DRM is coming, as long as it's like Steam, where it's linked to your account, no problem although I liked the completely DRM-free aspect of GOG.

Still, a Steam-like DRM allows you to run the games on ANY computer. Also, hopefully, you can play in offline mode like Steam allows (unless the game itself requires it). The only bad part is, if the company goes out of business.

I just hope the DRM-free aspect stays. Not sure why they feel they would need to implement it. Of course, with the court ruling that occurred a few weeks ago where reselling games is considered a violation of license agreements, who knows? Maybe an IP owner decided to come after GOG? Since GOG is part of CD Projekt, which is Polish, I wonder if this is what happened, who it was? 





wtf this can't be truth they were just starting pretty well, i don't understand i thought everything was going so well.



I hope this isn't true. There has been a lot of talk on and that this is some kind of PR stunt about them coming out of beta. Here is a link to the thread about it:

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