Good Old Games Apologies for Closure Hoax



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Just a few days before the announcment of their closing, I almost bought four of their games.  After reading this retraction in MPC online, I have no trust of GOG's.  I will make backup copies asap of the games I have purchased and they will no longer recieve my business.



Ha!  I just signed up for


"Bully to you!" -Winston Churchill



Great comment about funiture shop similarities! Good marketing. No one hurt. Still alive...Whew!



It was a bad joke. I realize that the site had to go down for maintenance, but you tell people about that sort of thing in advance so they can download any games they're going to want access to.



Don't furniture stores do the same thing? Seems to work for them.



In the last two years, I have purchased around 60 games from them at a cost of over $400.  With the twitter posts a few days earlier, then the shut down notice, I was saddened as well.  Then I realized that if they were actually gone, I still have a large collection of awesome games to play, and they would be the ones to miss out on my money as Steam, Impulse and Greenhouse have not gone belly up *YET*.  Now that they are back, I rejoice.  Awesome classic games for a reasonable amount of money, with no DRM to ruin the experience.  What is not to like?



Reminds me of "You Don't Mess with the Zohan" with the electronics shop named Going out of business because "its good for business." People tend to notice when companies they know well show signs of going out of business because if they were a patron it might negatively affect them or they might be on the lookout for a deal in any case it sure does grab a lot of attention.



In this economy with businesses going down left and right, it wasn't too far-fetched to believe. It does make me seriously question their judgement as well. They just emphasised the biggest weakness of their business. That is the one fear I have buying downloadable content over actual goods is that the company goes belly up and I won't be able to redownload the content (or that it becomes unusable).

I've already bought downloadable content and had the company go out of business. I did make back-up copies so I haven't lost content, but one system crash or misplaced file and I could lose it. Knowing that I could redownload it was a nice option. Dealing with a solid company gives you some reassurance but GOG just basically said, "Hey gang! We might just disappear at any second. Come buy from us!"



I think pretty much everyone already knew it was a "hoax" (they never said anywhere that the site was actually closing), but I'm pretty relieved nonetheless...

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