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Instead of purchasing a regular monitor, I've decided to go with a 24" LED/LCD HDTV. It's actullay a few dollars more then this gateway, and it's made in china which is all kinds of sketchy; but thanks to qvc I can pay rediculously small payments on it. Which enabled me to get it for christmas for my self, don't worry i bought the 3 year warranty.



I have had a couple of Dell UltraSharps now, and I do trust them as a brand name... though I would not generally tend to buy a Dell branded system.

I would love to see MPC do a review on the Dell U3011 30" Monitor with PremierColor. I might be in the market for a display next year, and I think it's about time I had a 30"er.



Gateway (even under Acer) has a loooong way to go to get me back. After dropping $1400 on the 30" that lasted a year and Gateway not giving a $4!t about it, they can take a hike. In my opinion MaxPC got a black-eye from this too, by the way. I wait for corroborating reviews now. Dell was the replacement 30" and just like the 24" Dell's I bought 6 years ago (that still run strong), it's pretty nice. The 3-yr x-ship warranty on top also makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Dell ain't the greatest, but somehow I trust the upper-end monitors they rebrand.



I am still brused from the glowing reviews the Gateway XHD3000 received from MaxPC and the dam thing didn't last 9 months. out $1,600 for the monitor and I paid $350 for repairs and THAT died another 6 months later. the abysmal service that gateway provided means i will NEVER buy from them again.



You're talking about a monitor that was released 2 1/2 years ago. Since that time frame, Gateway has been purchased by acer, who usually receives good reviews for their displays (but not much else). I would agree with you if Gatewway was not bought out, as since Rick Snyder left as CEO, their quality dropped big time, since Gateway moved everything offshore.




Don't ever ever EVER buy products from ACER.  

Their products are set to selfdistruct right after the warranty date.  
Yes this is true.

You might be attracted by their products features and competitive prices but what you dont know is  the materials they use can spontaneously combust.

ACER is just like CHASE in the credit card world are awesome on advertisements and PR but ARE real scumbags.
Plus they outsource support     

ACER's components are faulty. don't be fooled.
I'm not an active poster, in fact this is my 4th post all time since becoming a member of 2008 but i just had share my experience with this borderline fraudulent company. 

I had very similar issue as OP but not with Dell.

There's a huge number of consumers like myself who bough ACER monitors and suffered identical product component failures.  
We reported our product defect to ACER.  
ACER did not man up to fix their product's low grade internal construction.

I mean if they didn't even recognize our reports!  

We're the case study here.. we're reported huge number of failures.  And for them to ignore and brush off, boggles the mind
This sleazy company even had the balls to tell us consumers to "just buy a new ACER monitor"

24" $300. dead in under 13months.




I've been running a Dell 2405 24" monitor for 5-6 years now.  It's rock solid.  However, perhaps similar to other comments, I can't say that about anything else Dell.  In the last year I've had 12+ service calls and three exchange systems to keep me in business.  I have to give it up for Dell for covering me (in fact their on-stie tech support people are really great), but what I'd really appreciate is hardware, like mobo, drives, cards, everything really, that doesn't fail, or come broken.  But, now I want a 30" screen and would love it if Gateway, or Dell, came out with one that's performed as well as my current.  If Amber could do a comparison, which included a current view of that company's tech support and hardware failure record, I'd appreciate it.   



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