Fusion is AMD's Atom Smasher



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I think this is the sexiest thing they have ever put out. Damn. That is pretty impressive performance out of such a tiny low-power chip.

I was wondering when the Atom would be squashed.

Good job AMD :D


Keith E. Whisman

I'll take a large tablet with this processor in it. If it can run COD MW2 then my laptop with a  4570 should run MW2 just fine at the same resolution. 



I would love to see this in a tablet or a convertable netbook -- why no mention of that?



would be the atom/ion based boards against fusion based boards. I see fusion having an advantage due to it's intergration while intel and nvidia being left behind by sitting on their ass, not colaborating with each other.


Zachary K.

hopefully this will force Intel to play nice with Nvidia so we can get a better ion. the 1215n is a great netbook and optimus makes it more awesome, now if only Intel can stop seeing dollar signs for a few minutes and see that we the consumers want more like this, AMD wont stand a chance. but they won't, and AMD will take a large part of the market....



It would have been a little more impressive if the computer could run a more resource heavy game than MW2, it has one of the lightest graphics engines out there. Now if it could play The Sims 3 , then I would be a little more impressed



It was tested by AMD with Fallout New Vegas on an HP testbed laptop running at max settings, and the game ran at 47 fps. This proc will handle your little Sims game w/o an issue.



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the cpu looks like it could do more with a little overclocking

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