Foreign Guy Hacks Kinect On Launch Day



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Kinect for PC, now THAT would be kewl!



Good going foreign guy! Hope you get a name soon.



i wish the creator of the vid also posted it of it doing some other stuff. cool that he was able to makethe Kinect cooler, but some vids showing off some potential uses for it would sell me more.

i wonder why pro coders like him dont get hired to microsoft? someone give this man a job!





ONCE AGAIN, spammers have hit the comment section in an attempt to push their products.  If ou really need a place to push your crap, try Craigslist or some ohter online ad place.  Stay off the comment page.



SGT Samuel Eugene McClard II



Keith E. Whisman

That Acer Laptop looks really groovy. Will the PC Kinect help people realize they need a really large display for their gaming computer? If enough people go nuts with the kinect, I bet MS will change their mind and produce some GFW software that take advantage of the Kinect. I like that idea of learning KungFu with the Kinect (that was one of the demos).



Well, it could lead to spiffy or spastastic gesture control... But Kinnect was really designed to be used at least a few feat away from the target, so I have to question how effective the hardware will be for someone who is less than three feet from their monitor, or worse, 18-24 inches from their laptop. will the IR scatter shot and the lenses even focus in that range?



Actually my MS Lifecam Cinema has some nice headgear overlays that a Kinect could help solve the movement issue with. Because when you move, although the overlay moves with you it's severely ill timed. I sit approximately 2 feet from my monitor and my Cam is mounted at the top dead center of my display.

I agree that distance could be mandatory for a lot of apps (especially full motion apps) but I don't believe that would pigeonhole the capability of the device. In fact some jumping motions can be performed while seated as long as its a given that you're in constant forward motion by clicking start or vocalizing the term loud and clear enough to be captured by your mic device. Anything from the shoulder should be fairly simple to achieve as well.



Using one might give you the ability to use the computer out of Minority Report.



You guys did a macguyver track ir system in your previous mag.

I think that this could potentially make a great and simpler replacement for track ir controler for cockpit views.

This could be used to make a hid mouse emulation so you can control windows by making a fist when the cursor is on the frame and so on...




I agree with the Track IR replacement. I've wanted to purchase one of those for years but it has limited use.

Also, it would be cool to hook the Kinect up to a TV or HTPC to replace all remote controls. You could use hand gestures to change the channel, volume, fast forward, etc.

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