Firefox 4 Beta 4 Gives Users the Option to try Direct2D GPU Acceleration



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For the latest pre-releases/nightly builds:

I'm running Beta 5 with GPU acceleration and a multi-touch monitor. This is GREAT! It scrolls through any webpage fluidly and effortlessly. I'm very happy with how Firefox 4 is shaping up, and I've been a die-hard Opera user for years.



I see no difference with gfx.font_rendering.directwrite.enabled on or off, it's all quiet slow (I can see how GUI being refresh, how pages being rendered, even how FF menus being rendered). It also eat twice as much CP resources. FF 3.6.8 jumps from 3-10% CPU usage, while 4.0b5: 10-20% while scrolling the same page.

My PC is not the latest, but it's more then enough to play BC2 at 70fps on medium, so it can't be the PC not having power.



C'mon, where are the links to beta and nightly builds?

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