Firefox “Tab Candy” Offers Salvation for Users With More Tabs Than Pixels



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This is also a better way to organize apps on my desktop. Why can't I have that?



Windows 7's Taskbar?



Mighty BOB!

Having a nice 1920*1200 monitor helps since there is more horizontal screen real estate to cram tabs into.  I also use Tab Mix Plus which can control the size of tabs, but more importantly, can just shove new tabs into a second, third, or nth row instead of requiring you to scroll through your tabs.


To be honest, although it's a cool idea on paper, Tab Candy would probably just get in my way.



As someone suffering from too-many-tabsitis, I've used many of the Tab extensions out there (tabkit, colorful tabs, taboo, etc), in an attempt to more logically organize my tabs.  Alas, they've only served to stem the tab tide ;)

This new method looks really intriguing ... if in FF4 (and assuming that they also add seperate processes for each tab), I'd jump back to FF from Chrome.  Well done, Moz! 



This doesn't seem all that useful in practicality. In Chrome (which admittedly scales tabs much better than FF; the scrolling "feature" of FF absolutely drives me up a wall. Chrome just keeps resizing tabs smaller and smaller and has a tab "pinning" feature as well), I can conceivably have 25+ tabs open and still keep track of what they are by glancing at the favicons. If I get too many more than that, I just create a new bookmark folder and drag related items that I want to come back to into it and use the "open all items in new tabs" feature at a later date. This rarely happens and when it does, the whole process takes all of a minute.

I don't see jacking around with a new interface layer for five minutes at a time as being particularly time-effective. The problem is that the groups you create aren't readily available from your main browsing screen, and once you enter a group, you don't have immediate access to anything else. So if I'm listening to music, researching cameras, and keeping up with my email, all of the sudden I have to bounce around between what is essentially four different browser windows like in the old days before tabbed browsing. That doesn't seem like an improvement at all.

While tab management is one of the biggest problems with modern browsers, this is a stupid fix. The grouping is nice for long term organization, but it's just going to cost considerably more time than it saves. All of these "groups" need to be easily accessible from the main browser window with one or two clicks, and moving between multiple groups shouldn't involve a proxy, intermediate window. It's just a clunky cop-out of a user interface design.



Maybe I'm just missing it...  but its main function is just to group tabs?

Hasn't that functionality been in every browser for a while now?  Simply open a new window for a different task, and tab within it.  Having 4-5windows open at a time with multiple tabs within each is common if really researching and comparing several things.  Aside from a situtation like that though, why would you ever even need that many tabs?  The picture they painted in the video was leaving the browser up 24/7 and just using it like cluttered organization area.... but I can't think of anyone who does that.  See something you like, but won't get to now?  Just bookmark it and comeback later etc.  I just wasn't that impressed with the key functionality because it is already availible now in a simpler to use form.

As for the sharing potential, maybe that could get some interest [sharing whole web sessions might be nice for class/tutorials for example instead of streaming a video feed], but thats not even operational yet.



Yeah, I agree.  Although, I am one of those people with MANY tabs open at the same time.  Usually just things I want to get to, but don't want to bookmark them all for later.  Like you, I don't see why you can't just group your tabs by using another browser window.  With Firefox, you can just drag and drop your tab to the other browser window to organize them into groups.  I don't really share my web sessions, so I don't see myself really using this.  It's a nice thought and I guess it would keep you from having to open up more than one browser window, but I really don't mind that.



It looks like your gonna be spending more time organizing tabs honestly. What I do is use emulated IE8's tabs group colors. So you have colored tabs that's are the same as its parent tab. There are plenty of add-ons out there that can do this, but mine came with my skin.

Also, I edited the size of each tab. So that the more tabs there are, it shrinks each individual one. This can fit like 20 or so tabs but I know at least whats related to what. Then you have to move on to a new window.

Example colored group tabs:




I've been having RSS problems as well..problems meaning duplicates



Am I the only one having problems with RSS? Getting every post numerous times, and each post containing the same context twice.



Yeah it was working so well... Now it's completely screwed up.



It's a cool concept, but all I see it doing is confusing people.

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