Fallout: New Vegas Review



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I just got the mag today... and you guys just released most of the crap in it... was this a mistake?



The game is currently riddled with literally hundreds of bugs. In addition to crashes and random glitches, there are bugs which will prevent you from completing some of the quests. You'll like the game a lot more if you play it after it's been patched again.



Fallout 3 was missing what the original two games had in abundance: personality. FNV really feels like the sequel to those original games because it has that sense of personality. It just feels like Fallout.



this game is awesome, i hear the developer will be pushing out updates to fix the glitches



I upgraded from an EVGA 9500GT to an ASUS GTX460 768mb. Since that upgrade I can't even play this game. Every time I try to load a game it crashes to desktop. After numerous e-mails back and forth with Bethesda no luck. last reposnse I got from them had a link to some nvidia drivers that work with windows Xp. When I explained I had Windows 7 and had been running the latest drivers ( which they could have seen if they bothered to check out the DXDIAG they kept saying they needed they would know this) I havent heard from them since. Seems like they have given up. I feel like they should pay me as essentially people like me are just beta testing this unfinished product for them.

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