Facebook Policy Change Lets Apps Ask for Your Phone Number, Address



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years ago i took the time to read the facebook TOS

it was scary to me, i never signed up and never visit any pages on facebook.
as far as i am concerned facebook doesn't exist



I deactivated my Facebook profile and it’s much better this way. It was a nightmare. I found pictures of myself on another profile, there was a girl who was pretending that those were pictures of her. I found out that she was making money online with this. She was telling guys that she was very ill, poor and of course very beautiful. And they were sending her money. So, I guess you understand why I don’t want to hear about Facebook anymore. It was supposed to be an innocent an free social network.



What is 'Facebook'?



I'm glad I deleted my Facebook account.  Not just deactivated it, I mean scrubbed it clean.  Had to jump through AOLesque hoops to get it done, but I did.  Never again will I ever even think about even visiting any Facebook profiles or pages or whatever.  I'm not sure why people are flocking to Facebook and just giving perfect strangers their personal information.  /facepalm


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