EVGA Offers Existing GeForce GTX 460 Owners "Free Performance Boost"



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In a rush, so I didn't have time to read all the posts in the EVGA forum, but I was planning on purchasing a Fermi in a couple of months. Would this free boost still be available then?



i bought the 1gb SC EE edition with a 763 core clock and a 1526 shader clock, how does this effect that card since it has even faster clock speeds.  i'm assuming they just unlocked the fan to 100% then...

and by the way, for those complaining about the noise level of the fan on this card, you must have a pretty petite system that gets really hot, my Lian Li scoffs at the heat from this thing, and i have a pretty beefy system with no heat issues at all and it runs relatively silent



Core i7 920

P6T Deluxe

9GB Corsair Dominator 8-8-8-24

Audigy X-fi (with 64MB of useless memory)

1200 watt Thermaltake Toughpower (way overkill)

2x 300GB Raptor Raid 0

2x 74GB Raptor Raid 0

1x 500GB WD RE3



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