Etymotic’s BlastPLG Earplugs Block Bomb Blasts But Not Voices



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As said by another poster they would be ideal for the qualifying range for the military.  One of the biggest worries is muzzle awareness while on the range and if you can't hear the commands from the tower then you don't know what's going on and then may do something dumb.  I can most definately see this used in this case as well as while working on loud equipment such as generators, tanks, and so on.  I spent years working on generators while in the Army in which this earbud would have been great to have in order to communicate with your battle buddy.  While it may not be wise to use this regularly while deployed, here in the states (CONUS) it would still save many peoples hear.



but wouldnt the military use the sound of weapons fire to locate an enemy. Or does it only cancel out sounds that are very nearby 



I believe these would be great for training purposes, but to be used in actual combat situations might be a bit risky.  I would understand if artillery or mortar men were to use them due to the nature of those weapon system or any other weapon systems that pproduces the same affects, but normal ground grunts may require their use of hearing, from louds bursts to commands shouted at each other.  Afterall, when something messes up, no one wants to say, "That marine may have been harmed because he could not hear which direction the blast occurred from."

On a side note, how would these differentiate betwene extremely loud shouting and muffled gunfire? Would it also nullify sounds like sudden dog barks, car engines, and UAV assets too? What's the science behind it?



My understanding is that the built-in microphone actually enhances sound localization, and that the noise blocking occurs only in response to sudden loud noises. Etymotic claims the plugs will also enhance the hearing of people who have already suffered hearing loss.



Sounds like it would be nice to have at the range. It's a bit annoying taking plugs out when you need to talk to someone and putting them back in when they're shooting.

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