E-Ink Chairman Expects Major Growth in eBook Reader Shipments



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 I cannot remember if it was BJ's or SAMS Club, but one of the two had the non touch version of the SONY reader for only $99.

   Only thing I told my sister to wait for is the new E-Ink Pearl display which looks has 50% better contrast than the already good screen on the non-touch SONY.

 If only Amazon supported E-Pub! Damn you Jeff!



Keith E. Whisman

I tend to agree now that I have a kindle and have tried out the Sony reader I can say that Eink devices kick ass for what they do. Reading on an LCD is just so hard on the eyes from the 60hz displays. Eink displays turn on to display the next page and after the next page is displayed the device turns off. The display keeps what's being displayed on screen while powered off. 

Tablets on the other hand will be a convenient computing device that allows for web browsing and lite productivity, but because of the LCD it's still going to be hard on the eyes when reading for long periods of time and the batteries don't last nearly as long, up to 8hours or so on the Ipad but up to 4weeks on an Ereader. 

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