Duke Nukem Forever Demoed



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Keith E. Whisman

I love the joke at the end of the demo. He's getting blown by two blondes and playing on a console. LOL.



Looks freaking awesome. What Doom3 should've been. That boss battle is jaw dropping, I like the "water-drop-on-visor-effect" but it made more sense in Metroid Prime.




so now HL:Ep 3 is the new DNF.  Although, since DNF is FINALLY coming out, there is probably hope for it releasing eventually :)



I was able to play the game for the allotted 15 minutes at PAX in Seattle over Labor Day weekend. I'm a HUGE Duke fan. We will NOT be disappointed, and if you know the story behind DNF's acquisition by 2K, you know it couldn't be in better hands.

We'll see this on the XBOX360, PS3, and PC.



I assumed this would be for PC but appears to be demoed on a console... ?  I think I missed something.



in a frozen hell! I can no longer use DNF as a running joke anymore...sad.



I noticed Duke has been voiced by a different actor and I'm not sure I like it. But if the quips shown in this demo were any indication the game might still have it's balls intact. The key to Duke wasn't anything origional in game play; it was the crude humor the swearing, the inappropriate mysoginistic mindset and the plethora of quips that came out of Duke's mouth every time he obliterated a bad guy.

After this demo with it's comically out of date halarity I think this could finally be a good title as long as the price was right. I remember the days of fighting that same guy on the football field. Sure the image was pixelated, and the lighting was static, there were no water effects and the surrounding items weren't movable or destructable, but it's the same zone. I hope the team brings something new to the game.

This probably won't bring any more women gamers into the fold...



That was definitely still Jon St John doing the voice. 

I am already north of 40.  It's been a long wait for this game.  But I have the cash to buy it and the PC to play it on.

Bring it. 




It's still John St. John doing the voice acting.



Did anyone think this read "Duke Nukem Forever Doomed"?


I Jedi

If this game truly has been waiting for a sequel for tweleve years now, I was 9 when the first one came out. So, am I to guess that a lot of fans of this game area around their late 20's early 30's?



Hope this comes out before I turn 40!



Late 30's here... and I'll believe it when it's on my hard-drive AND starts up.  (Even then I might be a bit suspicious).



Sadly, yes, it's really taken that long for a sequel (to the 1996 hit Duke Nukem 3D) to come out. DNF, in some form or another, has been in development since 1997.

-Paul Lilly

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