Droid X Users are Data Hogs



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This is what i was told by a very intelligent and friendly service rep this afternoon...

 He basically said - The upcoming plan change talk is actually not a plan change at all, but new tiers for Verizon's 4G network. Speculation among Verizon employees is that the 3G service plans will remain unchanged and if they do, those who had unlimited data will remain grandfathered in. The dangling carrot will be to abandon 3G and pay for the  new 4G data service and even though it will be tiered, it will not be as painfully limited as AT&T's. There will be an unlimited 4G data plan as well, although of course, more expensive.

So there you have it - You will have a choice, 3G or 4G, both with their own, seperate plans and "estimated that there will be an unlimited plan for both"

I was also told by this rep that Verizon is heartily ready for all this data traffic.

I don't qualify for new every two until late August but I went ahead and added the unlimited data plan to my phone (Env2 - useless for web surfing these days) just in case.  He also said , off the record, that he expects the Droid 2 and whatever HTC is working on to compete with the Droid X to be out around the 1st of September, aligned with Fall quarter and students... They want to have several options to hit the back to school market. There are Droid phones falliing from the sky like rain, and the forecast call for more showers... What a wonderful time to be up for a contract renewal.

This guy was awesome to talk to, knows phones and upcoming technology... he's a techie like us, so he was very candid with me.  Although, he'd never seen the "I want the wifi's" Best Buy video...lol .

I hope this sheds some light on things for fellow readers.  I had previously called Verizon twice before and one time got "I don't know anything about that, please hold, then, neither does my supervisor..." and then on another call, "You guys (enthusiasts) usually know more about this than us and way before us but yes, if you have unlimited data, you will continue to have unlimited data." Then I struck gold this afternoon with the guy mentioned above that talked to me for over 30 minutes.



So if I get a 4G capable phone can I get a 3G plan or do I have to get a 4G plan?



This article is missing a "nail".



I dont think you do get it. Those of us average data users are not complaining. We like knowing every month what are bill is going to be. I dont want to have another thing to keep track of. My days are busy and hectic enough.

As far as saving money by being an average user. YOU WISH!!! We are still going to pay a set fee which will most likely be pretty close to what we pay now but with a cap. Then we will have to be very carefull about going over that cap and when we do! Bam! Many of us over the course of the year will probably spend more. 


Dont be gullible. At&t didnt make the change to save anyone money and if the plan somehow would have worked out that way they wouldnt have implemented it. 

Pay Attention. At&t and Verizon investors want metered billing to MAKE MORE MONEY!!!!


Now maybe you get it. Im not holding my breath though



I understand that it's not "fair" to Verizon customers who have very basic data needs to pay 30$ a month to support those who live off their smartphone, and consume several times more data.

It's good for most of Verizon's customers as 90% of them will be able to lower their monthly bill.

Thus, it's good for Verizon, because 90% of their customers will save money and be happy.

It's just the 10% (or less) of us who will be unhappy. I however have nothing to fear for another 6 months, which is when my contact is up. Remember folks, you can sue (or threaten) Verizon if they start charging more $$$$, or change your plan before the contract is up.

When I need to renew, well I'll look at my options, and maybe take my business elsewhere.



Is it possible that some of this bandwidth is due to the fact that these are all new phones and possibly new users? I recently got an Android phone and I used significantly more data in the first month due to the fact that I was browsing the marketplace, trying new apps, and my wife wasn't aware that you could avoid data usage by connecting via Wi-Fi. It will take a while for all these users to get there phone where they want them. If someone buys a new SD card they may reinstall all the apps they downloaded. My wife's phone crashed and had to be wiped forcing us to download all her apps again. Anyone who used a previous version of Android may be busy looking at the new apps they have access to. I am sure a lot of this traffic is actual usage but I don't think it is strange to have abnormally large amounts of data traffic with the launch of a new phone. I also wonder if this tiered stuff is coming because no one has the infrastructure to support unlimited data. ISPs and cell phone companies have been selling us more bandwidth than they can support for years. There was a recent post on MaxPC about the iPhone staying on AT&T mainly because no one else could support the user base and iPhone YouTube app being one of the main reasons for crappy iPhone service.



So they are going to penalize people for using the data plan like it is supposed to be? I know some people are getting the short end of the stick but why have a smartphone with all these capablities if people are going to be penalized for doing so. I think the whole tier data plan is crap. If the tier plan for uberbandwidth is cheap maybe I'll change my mind but for now I think its bullshit.

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