Do Budget Asus PCs Jeopardize Company's Reputation?



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The only thing that jeopardizes ASUS reputation is the farce that their support divisions are. Even as an advanced user I find their whole process assinine and ineffective.



They should be more concerned with Asus branding on crappy hardware they don't make, like monitors and DVD burners.

Maybe Asus has realized that in this economy being a high-end boutique niche is not really the best for their bottom line.



They already have a budget brand Asrock.  Why not use that name to promote budget PC's?  It'll not rub on the Asus brand and might even elevate the Asrock brand.



Spin off another brand name for the cheap-o products.  For example:

  • Toyota/Scion
  • Alienware/HP
  • Acer/eMachines
  • etc.


I'm an AMD fan and ASUS motherboard least until the ASUS M4N82 Deluxe has various issues in uncommon areas.  Most of all I've noticed a much more 'closed-mouth attitude' from ASUS Tech Support, which is a first for me in regards to ASUS.

Seems to me there are 3 kinds of PC's...desktops....some form of laptop and the latest....the netpad revolution.  What's more they seem to occupy twp price niches...the disposable version of any computer...aka...less than $700 and the lead-lined-basement-NORAD-like world conquest PC.  I ofc prefer the 2nd version although it has a greater initial tuns out to be cheaper in the long run.   Especially if you've just been through 3-4 laptop-ish devices, and the desktop battle hardened NORAD emplacemnt, is still chugging along.

Short version:  You get what you pay for... :)

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