Dell Proves Apple Gouges on Hardware with a Handy Comparison Chart



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Notice that they don't compare the graphics chips or the CPU themselves. I'm too lazy to look them up, but back in 2008, I specced a Dell to a Macbook Pro's exact config, and it cost the same. So until those are clarified, I call bullshit.



I just 'built' a 17 inch Studio 17 on Dell's website with, as far as I can tell, the same parts as the 17 inch Macbook Pro and it came to 1,269 dollars. That's still about a grand under what Apple runs you. 

Besides, Dell lets you customize your rig before you buy. Apple tells you if you want a case so you won't obstruct your wi-fi.

Apple does not actually tell you what model of Core i5 or i7 you're getting, Dell will ask you while you 'build' it. So until I can go back to 2008 and see what you put in your rig to mae it = to Apple, I call BS.

Ohyeah, the Studio 17 had an ATI 5650, the Apple has an nVidia 330m.


Stinky Fartface

Is this even news? I don't think it's any secret that Apple charges a premium on hardware. Even my Mac friends would say that. Their superiority argument has always centered around the "superior experience." They see it as money well spent. Obviously I differ.



It may not be new for those of us who are interested in tech, but for the every day person who blindly follows advertisement without researching it could be a nice wakeup call.



The better hardware argument still holds in my opinion. I'm talking about guild and material quality, since internal components are pretty much the same. Once you've held a laptop milled from a single piece of aluminum, the plastic HP's and Dells feel like a cheap piece of crap.



I have a Latitude E6410. The build quality and design are excellent. It looks good, feels very solid and the backlit keyboard is a nice touch of bling.



I agree, I have an E6400 at work and that thing was able to take a fall onto a linoleum floor from my desk with very little damage.  It works fine to this day and the tech support is superior, based in the USA.  That's probably because we have a Dell business account.



We've got some pretty bad-ass HP Probooks where I work. For the average Joe that wants the 'durability' and 'robustness' of an Apple laptop, but doesn't want to spend +2 grand, this HP at the link below is pretty compelling. 17 inch, quad Core, HDMI, spill resistant keyboard, metal frame, nicer look IMO. THe graphics aren't 'cutting edge' as Apple advertises with their nVidia 330m, but the ATI 4350 isn't too shabby. Especially if you're into 'aesthetics'.




You must have never held a Macbook or a normal laptop before. The Mac might be a bit more shiny, but let me assure you, the metal makes no difference. In fact, it just makes you have a limited range of motion on the hinge, and the whole thing feels like it's made of glass (it's probably hella strong, but like I said, "feels") and I'm always afraid of scratching it. I'd use an Inspiron over a Mac (well, assuming they're roughly the same, not like a 2004 Dell and 2010 Mac) any day.



I think someone needs to take another drink of the Kool-aid!

I'd rather take a Dell, HP or Toshiba and their plastic body, over a Mac any day! Dell, HP and Toshiba laptops are a million times easier to repair than Macs.

but hey, if you want to spend thousands more for some sheen, then be my guest!


Fecal Face

Sure, but to me, it's not worth the extra thousand dollars.

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