CTIA Files Suit to Block Cell Phone Radiation Law



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Stop flying because an hour of flighing gives flight attendents as much radiation as getting an xray... There is also another study that is saying that we dont know what is the right amounts of radiation for the body. Scientists dont know if the radiation graph is linear(as in straight diagnal line) or logrithic(Line that slowly increases then starts to sharply increase) or if the grah is something like a mix of logrithic/linear or logrithic,dips a little, then goes back to linear. Studies had also shown that people that live in higher places often have lower chances for cancer while people that live in a lower region will have a higher chance for cancer. I am going to have to refind that documentary again. It was very informative. It was like if radiation was truly bad then most flight attendents should have some kind of cancer. They also did some stuff with mice and found out that little doses of radiation turned on a cancer fighting gene.



This sort of bullshit is becoming more and more typical of US politics. We've got science-illiterate politicians telling everyone how science works. It's bordering on comical.


Zachary K.

that law is just paranoid people trying to scare stupid people, everything gives you cancer now a days, cell phones, microwaves, anything with the word artificial in it, i don't believe any of it. I can't wait till everyone finds out how scared they have been for no reason.



I don't know about brain, but in my home town since I was a kid we had problems with cockroaches, I mean nobody could possibly get rid of them, they infested everywhere. Well, since about 5 years now, they pretty much gone and people believe it's due to cellphones, which about that time everyone started getting one instead of landline...go figure..

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