CES 2011: Post Show Look at GoPro's 3D Hero



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While the video quality of the gopro is decent, who the hell wants to wear a helmet cam that looks like some digital point and shoot from 1995? It is a terribly bulky design and makes you look like a tool wearing it. The contour hd camera's have comperable video quality and don't look like they were designed 15 years ago. Although 3d functionality is cool, its even more rediculously bulky and is totally impractical for any sort of helmet mount.



Actually the video quality is pretty good. And youtube has too many ads.



why Maxpc? just use youtube like the rest of the planet so the videos look HD. stop trying to be the cool kid on the block using a diffrent streaming service. And if that's html 5 Steve Jobs need to be SHOT!


Keith E. Whisman

It ain't HTML5, if you right click the video a notice pops up about Adobe Flash Player 10. So this will not play in Safari, Ipad, or Iphone. Thank god!

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