CES 2011: Gigabyte's T1125 Tablet PC



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crd88, i, too am looking closely at purchasing this booktop. specs-wise, nothing else compares! it seems to have everything i need but i can't find out if a capacitive screen stylus will work. even wrote the company's sales and marketing email addy, but no response as yet. if you find/found out the answer and/or purchase(d) the t1125, please post. it would really help me make a buying decision. i would also like to know how reliable this company is and where i might be able to get the t1125n-cf2 with the i5, 500 gb hard drive, 4 or 8 gb ram, 3.5g option and windows 7 professional as the review sites say are available configs. the ones on amazon and other sites seem to only come with windows 7 home premium. thanx! rare



Does anyone know if the T1125 will support pen technology such as Wacom's Digitiser or N-trig's DuoSense? I might make this my "college-book". The reason this is important is because I want to use the T1125 for note-taking (such as a Japanese course in which kanji is used), and especially for math. If this works out, I plan on swapping out the internal 5400 rpm HDD for a Patriot Inferno SSD(but that's a bit off topic).



Lol, you spelled discrete "discreet."

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