CES 2011: The Dual LCD Acer Iconia Laptop



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It's a cool concept, but being in it's infancy i can see a few flaws. What if i had a horrible accident and no longer had 10 finguers, how would i be able to bring up the display at least as conveniently as shown on the demo? Just a thought. ;) But i'm sure the few quirks will be worked out after a few months of feedback from their early sales. The projected price seems to be about what i'd expect, but i still don't see what type of customer would most benefit from this product over an existing and similarly priced notebook. So it has two screens, quite nice, but the GPU has to work twice as hard to render onto two screens, so with similar specs, a normal notebook will have the performance advantage, for an at-least-minus-1-screen price difference. Still, it looks very cool.



Well, I'm very interested in the form factor, but honestly I don't think I'll ~ever~ spend money on another acer product.

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