Businesses Go Bananas for Apple's iPad



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...that people doing "business" has nothing to do with business or accomplishing something. The people that want an iPad don't want it to be able to accomplish work related tasks better. Accomplishing work "better" does not rank very high on their list. These are people that goes between meetings and sit around tables nodding their heads and then they think they wish to contribute to the work process by showing their iPad to the other people at the meeting. Then they can go to another meeting with some other person at another location and show their iPad to someone else, and flip through a web page and show a slide show, for this is "success" in their mind. It's all in a day's work for an iPad super hero. It shows status, so they want it.

I say, let them have it! For as long as they take the money out of their budget, from their respective department. Buy as many as they want. Pile them on top of each other. Who cares? Then, when they wonder how to deal with it, they can ask their iPad friends for support, and not the IT-department. But make sure that you have the deal in writing and stick to it. There should be no problems at all.

UPDATE: Part of the deal is that they have to use their iPad as their only laptop-replacement tool for the next three years before it is upgraded, alternatively go back to use their old/previous laptop during.



Anyone at my workplace that asks me about the iPad and if it would work well at work, I turn around and ask them "do you want to be able to continue doing your job?" Since it can't multitask, it'll make the office a very difficult place to work in. Can't look up anything while working on a document, can't check your email unless you have a smartphone. Any company that uses an app like "GoTo Meeting" will be SOL.

I think that there are far too many limitations with the iPad for it to be used fully in an office environment and replacing a laptop. I can see people returning their iPad for their laptop!


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Why you can buy a laptop that is cheaper, faster, can do more, and your not dealing with apple

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