Browser Ballot Screen Early Feedback Shows Little Impact on Market Share



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Mighty BOB!

I keep IE around for the rare website that doesn't work in any other browser, but 99% of my browsing is done with Firefox.



Everyone uses a browser, but ms should tear IE out of the os completely.  Try to go to Ms update without it.  Some programs insist on it to function or upgrade.

I like the ballot.  More people have a chance to be exposed to better options, but I wonder what's going to occur when a European user can't access Ms update manually.  They'll end up installing IE anyway, obviously by design.

MxPc, you're doing a lousy job with this spamming.  Are there no webmaster professionals in your offices?



Waa! Waa! Waa!


Like someone else said, it's time to upgrade your OS!



Uhm... upgrade your OS. Windows no longer uses IE for Updates.



I have a solution to the problem.

Force 20% of the population to use IE. 20% of the population to use Chrome, 20% for FF, 20% for Opera, and 20% for Safari.

Problem solved.




While I harbor as much anti-Microsoft sentiment as the next average guy here, when the EU told MS to not include IE, that's exactly what they should have gotten. When they demanded this ballot crap, I was "wtf, they did what you wanted." While they are at it, go after Apple with Safari and various Linux distros.

I think that the ballot is an inherently bad idea (government intervention is usually bad). The browser market is very alive with competition anyway. People who use IE will probably continue to use IE, even if they are propmted with a choice like this.

Besides, these are BROWSERS, not wives. You can (should) have more than one.



It would only be fair that they go after apple about them including safari as the default browser in osx.



I had to register a Windows Live account in order to play a game I'd bought (I also had to use SecuRom, and was already logged in with Steam - I wish I hadn't bought the damn game!) I followed the in-game hyperlink, and it popped up in IE, even though it's not my default browser. I hadn't used IE in such a long time, I was surprised to see it.





The first thing I do after a fresh install of Windows 7 is uninstall IE. I would love it if IE and Windows were not bundled together.



The first thing I do after installing an OS is go to Mozilla's page and download Firefox. Don't get me wrong, I love Microsoft, but Firefox has them beat on a web browser.



I would not mind not having IE. I did disable IE on my Windows 7 install




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