Audiovox Announces at CES its Intention to Buy Klipsch



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Keith E. Whisman

I remember when Audiovox first started showing up on store shelves as cheap piece of crap car stereos and speakers. I still hold the opinion that they produce generic products because I never gave them a second look since that first meeting. This proves that first impression really does matter. I have heard that Audiovox is actually a better name brand now but I still have a hard time even looking at their products. But if they are going to be selling Klipsch products then perhaps I'll have to re-evaluate my impression of Audiovox. Unless Audiovox takes on the Klipsch brand and sells inferior products hoping for a premium with the name.



I slowly pieced together my HT system, and my currently oldest speaker is a Klipsch SW-12 II. They don't make them like this anymore...front-fire driver, rear-fire passive radiator. It is a beast, and is totally overkill for the room I have it in now (but I like overkill). A friend of mine (who happens to control the Crowd Noise Generator at Qwest Field) tuned it for my room. Fourteen years ago, the $500 I paid was a bargain for a sub like this.

A couple of years later, I bought my KV-2 center channel. However, it never really meshed well with my SpeakerLab S15 speakers...but I later upgraded my mains to DefTech BP UIW, and the three of them get along quite nicely. At the time I bought the DefTechs, they were on clearance at Magnolia (about 70% off), but easily the second-best sounding in-wall speakers Mags had (the best were Klipsch, but they weren't on I saved about $600).

So yes, I appreciate and own Klipsch. And am very happy with their products.

But I haven't bought an Audiovox device since I was 15 and realized I had wasted my money. Geez, that was the year after Star Wars was released...



I've had a set of Klipsch 2.1 speakers for my pc for a few years now and they still sound great.  For my media room however I bought a 5.1 set of Aperion Audio speakers...incredible.

There will be another brand of quality speakers made by a company started in some guys garage, until that company is bought by Audiovox and ruined, which is when there will be another brand of quality speakers made by a company started in some guys garage.....



It's a damned shame :(


I turn to AudioVox when I need a 50 cent audio cable from 7-11 or maybe a casette box.



Thats terrible.  There goes another great American company.  At least I have the rf-83s, rc-64, 4 rb-81s and a set of promedia 2.1s to remember them by.  I didn't like when they started making crap for best buy.



I don't have a Klipsch, but I've heard a lot of good things about them. I'm currently using a Bose 2.0 system, and I think it's worth the $70 I paid for them - the bass sucks, but I have a separate subwoofer for bassy sounds. I have thought about buying a Klipsch, but if I were to know that it's owned by AudioVox, then I'll probably think 3-times over before considering because perhaps, even if the Klipsch technology is still there, it could be made of cheaper materials such as cabinet, speaker materials, etc - that's what AudioVox is good at, making things as cheaply as possible. Oh well, my 3 year old Bose is still going strong, so I guess I can wait a little longer.


Up Early

         I've had a pair of Klipsch 2.1 desktop PC speakers for at least 5 years now. They still sound excellent and although I am normally a "Bose only" fan, for this application and price point, the Klipsch was an excellent investment. Many friends purchased the same model when hearing my setup.

         Now like so many other great product brand names they are being bought out by a corporation that sold poor products at cheap prices. Apparently appealing to the masses of folks that wouldn't know quality if it slapped them in the face is a profitable way to do business. Selling mountains of junk fueled Audiovox with enough capital to buy out the competion. Unfortunately, this is a common scenario in many industries these days. The average person is very uninformed when making a major purchase and is only concerned about price, and when that cheap product fails, they shrug their shoulders, chalk it up to planned obsolescence and just buy another peice of junk!   





Another Blose fan. :) No i did not mispell that. Beacause if you have ever listening to any high end klipsch speakers, you would say that Bose Blose, (Yes i have be there done that and owned Blose myself at one point) Especially for the outrageous price they charge, and lousy quality components these use to build there products. They don't post there specs for a reason, because when somebody does measure there specs they see how lousy they are. There satelite speakers have about 300hz missing (gap) between the bass box (not a true subwoofer) and the satelite speakers. bose uses trickery instead of quality to make the music sound good. I would rather put my hard earned money on quailty for that amount of money. I know i am a dying breed, somebody who is into hi fidelity.


This will be a truely sad day if this purchase happens. An icon in the speaker world gone. :( Lost in in the sea of mp3 and small systems that can't produce anything close to high fideltiy. Just because it is either cheap or small, or both. Has anybody listened to an actually CD lately to realize how much better they sound then MP3 garbage.


I have a Klipsch GMX 2.1 setup for my computer, best $80 I ever spent as far as computer speakers go. I bought them remanufactured from klipsch 5 years ago and they are still going strong. I own a whole Klipsch 5.1 setup. Minus the Subwoofer. I could not afford one of theirs at the time a bought a sub. $3,150 worth of klipsch speakers (I paid $1750), where the yougest speaker I bought in 2004 and the oldest I bought in 1994 and they still all work great today.  Klipsch KLF-20 mains, Klipsch RC-3II center, Klipsch Heresy II surrounds. This setup will rock any comparable priced bose setup.


Talcum X

I was going to buy a 7.1 setup from Klipch when we build the new house.  Guess I better buy them before the merger, or start looking at other brands....

I just don't understand how a company known for cheap crap can be so successful!  Enough to gobble up others that make good stuff, just so their disease can spread into those products.  Very sad.



Well goodbye was nice knowing you. 


Audiovox = complete JUNK



I haven't heard a single set of Klipsch speakers that I actually liked so to be honest I don't care if they go downhill.



I never cared for them either. They always sounded a bit hollow to me compared to other high-quality speakers. But for computers they are far and above most of the crap available. I absolutely shutter when I hear someone praise Logitech speakers.



My Klipsh 5.1 system recently went tits up (the 2nd one in 5 years) and when it did I took a step back and reassessed my computer audio system. Instead of buying another similar type of setup, I used an old Onkyo receiver I had sitting in the basement, attached via optical to my audio card, and then added some Audioengine P4 speakers ($250) with a Polk Audio PSW505 subwoofer ($190), and for $440, about the cost of my original Klipsh system, I now have an audio system that destroys my Klipsh setup. I don't think I will ever go back to a non-receiver based/active system again.



I've had the same set of Klipsh 5.1 speakers for about 6 years and they have worked fantastic for me.



There's more than one way to skin a cat. Using a receiver takes a lot of room and is a little more complicated to wire, bt there's certainly nothing wrong with that. The P4s are a great choice in passive speakers--I really like them.

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