Attention Kmart Shoppers: $150 Android Tablet Rainchecks Now Available



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I know that pretty much everyone loves Android but i would rather have Windows 7.  I hope that Android isn't embedded in this device because i would love to get one.


Peanut Fox

It's running on an ARM chip.  You'd need to do a fine bit of programing to make things work.  Currently, Windows is not supported on ARM.



To all those complaining about the lack of USB ports. What possible devices could you want to connect via USB to the tablet?

It's got WiFi, so you can print to a network printer, and it's got an SDCard slot, for storage expansion plus you can move files via SDCard (think of it as a new-era floppy disk) or connect it via it's included USB cable to your PC and xfer files that way (ala current Android phones)



It is cheaper than aan iPad, but not as powerful, and quite possibly not as nice either. Why would it not have usb ports, though? how hard can it be to implement those?  My last mp3 player served as a usb hub and had a file manager and everything.



The manufacturer site says it ships with a USB cable, which presupposes USB ports.

For $150 I don't expect GPS and all the bells and whistles of the high end devices.  This is a possible replacement for a lot of people who want a PDA, but for whatever reason don't want or need a smartphone. 

Smartphones are great (I'm biased, I have an Android phone myself), but not everyone needs to be connected 24X7 and wants to pay for the associated data plan. 

Also, the trend in phones was to get smaller, now with smartphones they are getting larger and larger again.  But you have competing interests.  You get small, the screen is too small to be workable with applications.  You grow larger, the phone is less pocketable or wearable on your belt. 

Tablets like these are a reasonable option for people who want the PDA/browser/media functions with the flexibility of a bigger screen.  Higher end, more expensive devices will have more bells and whistles of course. 

The kicker is when tablets will have direct access to Android Market, as this one claims to.  Your typical end users aren't going to want to mess with copying apk files over, etc. 


Peanut Fox

It's great to see tablets making headway, and at such a low price point.  This thing however is a bit of a disappointment to me.  Most of the newer smartphones you can buy today, pack more power than this thing.  If this is a picture of the actual UI, it seems sloppy to not include something with a custom design.  If you're willing to do a bit of  tweaking this thing may not be a bad option.

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