Apple Announces Over One Million Signed up for Ping in the first 48 Hours



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First off, it is opt in. I had to enable the feature to activate it. I was curious so I did.

Second, what the writer must have meant by "products that we are forced to use" is that with Apple products like the iPods and iPhones you pretty much HAVE to use iTunes to get the full functionality of the device. MediaMonkey is very close but has a serious bug that they refuse to fix regarding video podcasts syncing (it puts them into the wrong folder structure which makes them audio only so they should be called AudioMonkey since they cannot do video properly, don't get me started).

So, back to Ping. It is a very half-assed attempt at best. It only allows you to tell the world what you like by clicking the "Like" link (Facebook should sue them) in the iTunes Store at the album level. Not at the artist or song levels, go figure.

Basically, it is a please spam me about the albums that I said that I like because I asked to be turned out.

Oh, and also, when I enabled it, there was an album I had never heard of by a group that I had never heard already attach to my profile that I could not remove no matter what.

AND there may be a security issue as I went into the iTunes "Manage my account" to disable the feature and it pulled up another user's profile. I had to reboot in order for iTunes to kick over to my account. Weird.

Just a whole world of suck.



I hate Apple most of the time.  But I was given an Ipod Video 4 years ago, that I used till it died.  I am in a unique situation in that, I am a truck driver, and away from home for 4-6 weeks at a time.  After my Ipod died, I bought a new touch.  Not because, I like Apple, but because it is the only portable media player out there that just works.  I listen to music you can not find anywhere except Itunes and Amazon.  Though, most music I like, I can not even find there. I also consume a large amount of technology related podcasts.<br>

What I was hoping for in Apple's latest Microsoft rip-off was some promotion of what I listen to, to others.  But that is not how it works.  Instead, I am getting spammed with suggestions from Apple on artist I could give rats a** about.  I could care less about Lady Gag Gag and Taylor Slut.  What I was hoping for was to promote to others that I love this podcast, and Security Now, ect. <br>

But since Steve has already bashed podcast, calling them "Amateur Hour", it's obvious Apple is just another pawn of the big record labels to promote there trash.  The only thing "Ping" has showed me, is that Leo Laporte's son spends way to much of Daddy's money on the trash I am talking about above.



Not sure what products to which Justin refers that we are "forced to use everyday" since I don't use a single Apple product. That includes software or hardware.



Did they filter out all the spam accounts?



My last few computer builds have not included iTunes. First it was that awful Bonjour service that adds nothing but bloat to a P C (easy to remove however) as well as Apple updater now there is ping? No thanks. This is a true additional overreach. If I want to go to a social networking site I will use a browser.



Woah woah woah..woah....woah!


Something is wrong here, the i is the <em>second</em> letter!



Same boat as talcum X. I'm not anti-cocial networking... I belong to several chat rooms and message boards... but I don't need instant gratification at 140 characters or less every 2 minutes like facebook fans do. 


And of course, there's the widespread reports that much of these million "users" are actually just spam bots... huh, go figure.I'll never know, since I'm not a Pod person.


and ironically, I enjoyed reader and the way it ties to Buzz


Talcum X

Oh hum...

Of course, I'm not on any social networking sites, they don't interest me in any way.



I'll bet 3/4 of those that joined didn't know they were joining. If it's tied to another download most people never read what they're agreeing to install.



Apple's iTunes Ping = Microsoft's Zune Social

And 'Ping' sounds an awful lot like 'Bing'.

Just sayin'.


Fecal Face

Pretty much.

Although it's Apple, so theirs is going to be "Magical" and "Revolutionary"

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