Apple’s Alarm Fails Again



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Microsoft created a fix not long after reports came in and it only affected the 30gb model zune. Apple just said sorry and for users to wait it out when their bug passes in a few days. apple's original ipod battery started dying while no longer able to charge and apple told users to get a new one. it was only when people started complaining that apple started a battery replacement program. xbox 360 rrod caused a panic yet microsoft instated a product repair/ replacement program on top of an extended warranty for 3 years! yet microsoft gets thrown under the bus every time and even if it's an article about an apple product in a news site titled maximumpc! is gordon the only voice of reason in this office the max pc offices??!! I call BS on that jab at ms on this one and it is telling that even maximumpc tech writers are biased toward apple crap.



Set both re-occurring and individual alarms last night and both went off this morning.  Pretty lame bug but I'm glad it was temporary.



Yep, was late for my new internship this morning....



My sister was over for the new year with her new 4Gen Ipod Touch. Aparently they are suffereing the same fate. Because we were telling her how awesome they are, but couldn't figure out why the alarm wouldn't go off when she tried setting it. How timely the couple days that we try to get the alarm working for her are the exact two days that this bug is causing a problem! Wow Apple, how do you do it? That's something that I thought only Microsoft could do(ie. Millenium Bug). For shame!



Twice since I started my new job my failphone has made me late for work.

Thank God I work in IT and they understand bugs, but it sure doesn't make me look any better.



Neither do double posts.




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