Amazon Kindle Heading to Best Buy & Staples This Fall



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I was shopping for an Ereader a few months ago when B&N dropped the price on the Nook. So I gave it a look. I was seriously considering the Kindle as I liked the size and general configuration. When I took a serious look at the Nook and found out the battery was easily replaced by the owner I was sold. The Nook was as good as the Kindle and as I have found out, all rechargable batteries have a limited amount of times you can charge them. I didn't want to have to send the Kendle back to the factory like my wife does with her Apple products when they need new batteries.


Keith E. Whisman

Well good thing about the Kindle is that it has an extraordinary battery life, a single charge lasts about 30days with 3G turned off. 

The Nook from what I was told by a sales representative at my local B&N only has a battery that lasts for 10hours. 

Your Nook is going to need far more battery replacements than my Kindle. So that is why the Nook has a user replaceable battery, because the Nook consumes a lot more power than the Kindle, and there for needs a daily recharge compared to the Kindle's monthly recharge.



The great thing about seeing it in the physical store is that you can see how it handles, it's easier to compare the pros and cons.  I like to go into a store and see how something works before I buy it, then I go wherever I can get the best price, be it online or in the store.

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