Acer's Newest "Predator" Desktop Invades U.S. and Canada



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I’m delighted that I have observed this weblog. Finally anything not a junk, which we go through incredibly frequently. The website is lovingly serviced and kept up to date. So it need to be, thank you for sharing this with us.



Build-Your-Own always gives you choice of parts and will always offer a better upgrade path. However, I still have to admit this Acer is still a nice piece of kit for the price.



I just read a few months ago that the i7 920 are end of life...why is Acer selling no longer supported parts?  I mean if what big_montana said about these PCs were introduced before, they could have at least used an updated CPU this time around...acer fail



EOL does not mean it is not supported.



Weren't these the same rigs that were recalled a year ago becasues the plastic case melted due to it being ""It's a smoking hot gaming rig"? Hopefully, Acer improved on the cooling this time around.

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