1.5 Million Windows Phone 7 Devices Shipped, App Store Surging



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 Just to let people know, we got a wind 7 phone from Att at the price of 2 for 1 Focus, We fine it very easy to use, it Wyfi's to our house system so when in range of our home it uses the home system to talk to the out side world on the enternet or talk to someone  and not the cell system, one can go to any Wifi hot spot like "ie" star bucks,  and use there Wifi, We are looking forward as they will be adding more and more app's over time, as we think it is very compatable with the windows 7 OS, The Zune music service is very nice to use, You just drag and drop what tunes you have on your home machine,Being you have a zune account on it, to your phone and there it is ready to go,

 If you get lost you can turn on the GPS system and and will tell you, Yes talk to you and you talk to it, tell it where you are going and will take you there,, We held out from the Iphone being they let you use 3rd party apps from running on them with having to jail brake, where this system does,, There are lot of other thing on the phone we are still playing with to write here,

We think should go to a store and at lease check it out

 Dont want to get in to these phone wars, this is our choice we like it a lot, Also Check out Maximum PC reviews as well as other sites,,



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Jackson Allen

Just gonna put my 2 cents out there. Why would you get a windows phone when you can get android. android is faster, more functional water damage brisbane and structural drying but also water damage restoration



Because android feels like the equivalent of Linux as an operating system. Are you referring to SCUBA gear or a smartphone here? The android feels unpolished and it's fugly. It's got the same icon grid system as the iphone. I love my Samsung Focus WP7 phone. Zune, gmail is a breeze, Live tiles, XBOX live, and so much more potential. If you aren't convinced yet... just wait!

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