HIS Radeon HD 3870



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I don't think anyone really cares about your politics, how about keeping these sort of things out of the magazine. That is really funny, Rush Limbaugh is a minus. Ha ha



Hi ak,

The plus/minus on this review aren't actually in the print magazine, and they aren't Mike's creation in any case. If a review comes to me without plus/minuses written, I make up my own. And I happen to like the band Rush better than I like Rush Limbaugh. Plus/Minuse titles should not be read as endorsements or put-downs or anything but a throwaway gag, especially if you don't have a sense of humor.

@ndonato: thanks! fixed.

Nathan - Mod Shop Community Manager
Maximum PC Web Concierge



The charts list the HIS card as being a 2870, not the 3870. Just though I should point that out to the MPC team :)

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