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Because I travel within the USA a great deal, I've needed a more powerful WiFi antennae when searching for hotspots -- mainly so I do NOT have to get out of my vehicle (and go inside a business) just to get online.  

Amazingly, the WiFire does exactly that.  Even better, when I've paid for WiFi at truck stops, their signal can be so weak that I literally had to go inside their restaurant to get WiFi service.  Now I can park along the side of an Interstate near a truck stop, hotel, coffee shop or some free hotspot, and the WiFire signal is better than their parking lot, and as good as inside the building.  WiFire saves me time, money, and grief, so it is well worth the price.  It works great on my MacBook Pro (intel cpu) whether I'm running under MS Windows XP or Apple OS X Leopard.  I also sometimes use it on my older PowerBook with the same excellent results.  The software they provide is very helpful too.

WiFire simply works great.  

I recommend it to anyone, especially travelers -- auto, RV, truck, whatever ! 



Bought this piece of junk a little over a year ago so I could use it to sapposably connect to wifi signals farther away... What a joke. If you are like me & do not connect to your own wifi signal & use wifi on other peoples unsecure routers, this product is NOT for you. First off, they tell you that you must point it directly towards the router, which I have tested with my own router I had. I lost connection after walking to the end of my driveway. (Which by the way I WAS pointing the Wi-Fire directly towards my router, not to mention my driveway is about 100 feet from my house) I told Wi-Fire about the issue & they responded, telling me that I had to point it towards the router (Which I just mentioned that I did) so they were useless.. I decided to just say Fk it & forget about it. I took it apart & all Wi-Fire is, is a blank Component board with a thin copper lining... They use cheap parts & sell their product for $80-$100. I have had better luck with Linksys products (Which I was using before I had bought Wi-Fire in HOPES that perhaps it would work better, but did absolutly nothing except empty my pockets negative $80. Trust me, you do NOT want this, Please, try to find another solution, or save your money, you will regret it...


                                                                                                    -Unhappy Customer


Number Six

Product does NOT receive my seal of approval. I did not find any of the range and throughput benefits that MPC found. Not sure if my unit was defective (it didn't really appear "factory fresh" and could have been someone else's return), but I would not recommend this product.




I'd like to throw this info out as I'm sure most company's get bashed for poor service. When the opposite is true we should let others know. I had purchased the Wi-Fire last year and was perfectly happy with it when used on 2 different older laptops. Recently I sold both of these and got a new Inspiron 1525 with Vista. The Wi-Fire would not work even with software updates from hField's site. I emailed customer service and got an immediate response. After several questions they told me I'd have to upgrade to the newest model which would be $20 when exchanging the old model. I ordered the new one with the coupon code they gave me and was prepared to ship the old so the new would be sent when they received it. Lo and behold 2 days after posting the transaction I got the new model without returning the old yet...I'll be sure to send it out immediately. I appreciate their wonderful service. By the way the new model works even better. tnx, John

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