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Ive been a reader of your mag for many many years all the way back to Boot, when I read the review of HGL I was disappointed that Mr. Murphy didn't offer a complete review. One of the glaring things that made me shake my head was to see him complain about weapon upgrading. he has a picture of the Add a property window. You can only have 6 properties on any item, out side of those you get for sockets. He claims that the item is limited in its "changes". Well first of all you can ALWAYS change the items in the sockets. Second is that you CANT EVER change its perma stats. So whats he bitching about??

For him to claim that the passageways are not worth going into is also a glaring error. The Treasure passage way is a major bonus to your cash flow.

the Elite passage way is a great way to get some exceptional items.

Your more likely to find good items in these areas, then anywhere else.

Things hes left out of the review.
- mini-game is not mentioned.
- no mention of the end game with the 5 lies
- no mention of the character classes
- no mention of the achievement points for doing/finding special things
- no mention of the diverse amount of items and weapons
- no mention of the sockets and the items that can make a regular item great.
- level load times or lag free game play
- how amazing the game looks under vista and DX10
- no mention of the added little things in the game that play homeage to other video games/moives. Doctor who, mario bros, star trek.

Things he found to be worth filling the pages with.
- I have to click next to get through some dialogue.
- I saw too many zombies

Come on dude. If your going to write a review at least spend more than a few hours on the game before coming to you go shotting down a good game.

Your review is by far the worst Ive read. Not what I expect from MaxPC.



Darth Ninja

Looks like they spent all the money on advertising, go figure

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