Heavy Metal Modding

Heavy Metal Modding

I’m not knocking companies that offer up the typical catalog of LED fans, UV reactive paint, and laser cut fan grills in the shape of the mud flap girl. Without these sites we would all be forced to scratch build even the most minor case bling. Let’s face it, some of us depend on this ready supply from orbital mega-factories around planets like Haydon IV. And, gosh knows the people of Haydon require the funds. That said, I do appreciate the handful of companies out there that offer up unique, in-house built modder supplies and parts. Last week Mnpctech rounded out their billet aluminum drive bay cover selection with the 3.5” floppy drive bay cover.

Imagine this, you can now remove your floppy drive and cover the hole. These bay covers are not some chrome covered plastic part either (not that there is anything wrong with that). Nope, Mnpctech uses 3/16" thick 6061 aluminum milled to their own spec. The part mounts via two self tapping screws, so you don’t need to get out the tap and die set (although, that should not stop you from purchasing one - you never know when you might have to pull a MacGyver). You also won’t need to employ tiny fingered fantasy game characters to hold the nuts on the inside of the case while you screw in a bolt. You will need a drill and a 5/32 bit for pilot holes. And why limit yourself to only covering the floppy drive bay? You can mount these wherever you want - consider them as a hole remover.

What I like about places like Mnpctech is that the parts are made in small runs and sold primarily by the manufacturing company alone. End user result? A custom look few others have and a low price. The 3.5” bay cover will set you back about $8 USD (+ shipping). You can’t even get a good fan for that price. The only thing missing is the tiny “MantaBase” inscription I have requested all manufactures to start placing on modding parts. I’ll have to check on why that memo didn’t go out.

Happy Moddin’

Today’s bit of bling is from DCMM 2007 in Dortmund, Germany. Yes, it’s in German - but I assure you, it’s obvious what they are talking about.



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