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First off I would like to start this by saying HEADPLAY’S sales department has given me the worst buying experience ever. I’ve never had any problem buying anything over the internet or paying any bill with my debit/credit card from my financial institution, but yet HEADPLAY’S sales staff is able to keep putting holds on my account for orders they keep canceling and not sending me anything. Approximately $1700.00 that I have to wait 3 to 4 days to have clear before the funds are available to me again or if they do take the funds for the product I didn’t get I have to dispute the charges. How long would that take? Can most people out there wait for $1700 to be disputed and not having it to pay there bills, yet HEADPLAY’S solution to my problem is to keep trying it again and again until they get it right and if they finally get it right they’ll give me free shipping. Now explain to me how me getting free shipping makes up for the loss of my cash for 3 to 4 days and not having it to pay bills or buy food make up for that.
Let me start by telling you how everything happened. I started by going to their website, setting up and account with them and them ordering the HD HEADPLAY PCS (personal cinema system) bundle for $519.95. For people who don’t know what it is, it’s a virtual reality visor. I went through the whole process of entering my info and submitting the order. After I submitted the order a screen came up saying it was processing and I will be notified when done. I waited for an hour and they never notified me so I checked my checking account and there was a hold on it for $549.23(shipping and taxes included). So I proceeded to check there website for the order status and it said it was canceled, but yet I had a hold on my account. Next I called them and the sales person told me he didn’t know why except it was something with my bank. I called my bank and they informed me that the transaction was approved but like all transactions these days they are not instantaneous, they get approved and them there is a hold on them for a couple days. If you ever watch and monitor your checking account balance over the internet you’ll always notice that every charge has pending next to them while the bank may approve the fund the still have to verify it which takes a couple days. All and credit card companies do it. So I call them back and I take to another sales person and she tells me I need to resubmit the order and try again and after I do call them back to verify the info, so I do that. I them go check their website on the order status since this time it didn’t put a hold on my account and it had a message next to the canceled order saying FREUD ERROR. I was shocked at that so I called them back I got the first sales person I talked to and he would tell me anything, he kept trying to blow me off and get rid of me so I requested a supervisor. I took them 20 minutes to get me someone. She proceeded to investigate what happened but she didn’t seem to know what happened or didn’t want to tell me. Her solution was to set up another account with them with a different e-mail address and try to reorder it so I agreed to that and gave her my info for her to enter and what I wanted and wait to see if it was approved. She told me it was and she would e-mail me the order and confirmation with a half hour. I got off the phone with her and waited. I received nothing so I went to check my account for my bank and the HEADPLAY order status. This time I had a charge of $597.04, $47.81 more than it should be. The order status showed items I didn’t request on it. So again I called them back and told them my situation and they said they would cancel the order and resubmit the right one. Well now I have an $1147.27 hold on my checking account and no product. So now I proceeded with this second supervisor to reorder since they told couldn’t fix the other one and had to cancel it and resubmit the right one. We went through the whole process again verifying all my information and finalizing the order. I get off the phone with this person and again I wait for the e-mail notifications. I received nothing except another hold for $549.23 on my account. I check the order status and yet again it was also canceled. So I called them back and get another supervisor, this time they told me it was canceled because my billing and shipping info was missing but yet when I look at the order status on their website all that info is there. Now them are trying to convince me to try again even though they have screwed up 4 times now and I have a $1696.50 hold on my checking account for the next 3 to 4 days (I can’t use that money during that time). I don’t know about you but I’m not infinitely rich by any means especially in these times. I’m just an average working class person who saves up all year for Christmas and now all that money for presents are on hold because of these incompetent people. So what do they do? Offer me free shipping like that is going to make it all better I don’t have my money to buy my family presents for Christmas. I then proceeded to call the main office since the sales people are a 3rd party company. They had some tech guy call me back and try to make it seem like it was all my fault this happened and tell me this never happens except these other couple times but that its not big deal and if I want the product I have to keep trying with their incompetent sales department. So I told him that most people don’t have that kind of money to keep trying to maybe get it right and have put on hold on my account for 3 to 4 days, his response was that he has that kind of money in a tone like he was better than me and why don’t I have that kind of finance. Well ladies and gentleman that’s the kind of costumer service you get from them. When they screw it all up not once but 4 times they have some guy call you and try to bully you into to trying over and over while belittling you for your lack of finance in these hard times. Well I can say from my experience with this company that this has to be the worst buying experience of my life, nothing else even comes close.



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This would be pretty awesome if there was some way to get a wireless signal from the VGA out to the "Liberator". It's not very liberating if you basically hook a box up to your GPU and then hook the headset up to the box.

My computer screen is around 15 feet or so from where I'd rest my head in bed. I think my monitor is 4:3 19inch so I can't exactly read subtitles (yeah I watch a ton of anime) from that distance. This thing would be awesome if I didn't have to have 15 feet of cable running along the ground.

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