Best SSD: Corsair Neutron GTX 256GB vs. Samsung 840 Pro 256GB



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What is the difference between the Samsung 840 Pro and the Samsung 840
EVO Series ?



While the EVO is actually more angled toward gamers, the Pro is ~supposedly~ more reliable long-term and has a 2 year longer warranty.

As to functionality, iirc, the Pro series has better sustained Write Speeds which is very handy, however at the speeds they are capable of writing at nearly maxing out the SATA port it's plugged into, it's a bit of a moot point to quibble over...

For what you're getting "now", and with a new hardware adopting a newer still SATA standard expected by the end of 2014 (SATA 3.2, aka SATA Express, hybridizing SATA and PCI-e), then I see no reason to go overboard at this point for a Pro when the Evo will do the same job just as effectively and be made comparably obsolete at the exact same time when SATA3.2/SATA-e hardware comes along and knowing Samsung won't sit on the sidelines either and come out with a newer SSD line to make the most use of that tremendously increased speed...

So for my money, buy an Evo now and enjoy it guilt free knowing that any meager difference in function between the Evo and the Pro will be utterly eclipsed by new hardware in some 8 months that utterly eclipses both, and yet by getting the Evo you have saved quite a bit of cost/value.



Would it kill Max PC staff to put model numbers of the stuff they actually reviewed? I remember buying my first Samsung SSD, and had to literally guess which one matched the review (there were at least 4 different SSD's that matched the basic stat's that Max PC had posted). Same with the Vid cards too...Lazy.



I wished someone would configure TRIM support for SSDs in RAID 0.


Citizen Snips

Anyone reckon when we'll be able to buy one of these?



I believe the Corsair one is available right now. At least I think this is the same one (all the other specs seem to match up) and someone just dropped the ball on the capacity (240GB, not 256) and price ($305, rather than the $250 MPC says).

As for the Samsung one, they say it'll be available in "mid October".



Whenever I see 'GTX', I think about Nvidia. Shame on you Corsair. Shaaaame.



Thats kinda funny cause whenever I used to hear GTX I thought of the 1971 Plymouth GTX 440, 727 auto, 8 3/4 posi with 3.55, electronic ignition, factory power steering and power brakes. They don't make em like that anymore.



A lot of people trust the corsair brand; however on top of everything else the Samsung 840 pro components are all manufactured in house by Samsung: the three core arm cortex processor, NAND, and the DDR RAM are all made by Samsung. That has a lot to do with why the Samsung drives, like 830, are so reliable.

Can't wait to upgrade to the 840.



Well I got the Samsung 830 and I love it.


Righteous Fury

Update the BoB already



Winner by decision is Samsung, But it sill prefer my OCZ agility 3



That is a very close call, My choice would be the Corsair based on what I know now and that is mainly due to my 100% positive experiences with Corsair especially on the rare occosion where I had a failed unit (they were very proactive in fixing or replacing the unit, quickly and easily).
It will be interesting to see what else comes out as we aproach CES.



Corsair is made by Apple. The people at FOXXCONN rioted because of you. go to hell.



Forget it guys -
Nimrod & Silencer = Dumb & Dumber



yeah... that statement is so far off, I can only hope it was said in jest?



Yo Nimord,

Your handle fits (I am referring to the slang version, not the biblical)!
As far as I know, Corsair is privately owned and headquartered in Fremont Ca. They have a assembly and test facility in Taiwan, not mainland China.
So unless you have proof of your claim, I suggest you put up or STFU!

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