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Watson Harlan

Hey, I could use one of these by using the miniature nuclear reactor that powers my batcave!



Here's a better, smarter, faster, more powerful, and less expensive alternative.  For the cost of a single Mars II, one can purchase two GTX 590 cards, creating a dual-card, Quad-SLI configuration.  Not only do you end up with a better graphics system that costs less, but, being that each card only takes up two PCI-e slots, instead of a 6-slot width, you only use up a 4-slot width.  Yes, the two cards, when combined, will eat up more peak power from the PSU, but a real gamer wouldn't be using a lowly little 850W PSU, such as the one used by MPC (ALWAYS use a 1000W/1200W+ PSU for a REAL gaming system…hint, hint) in their “test”.



Actually, I'd like to see how it performs against a system with 2 GTX-580s in SLI, since the two cards would only set you back about $1000, vs. the $1400 for this beast.



What a waste of money.  "It's damn fast."  Ok?  So are the other two cards used in the benchmark tests, but they cost $600-700 less so....why waste your money on this garbage?



It barely beats the 590 or 6990 in real world tests.



In the words of "Ton" Jones from Auction Hunters...."Holy crap!"



Because you KNOW someone has to say it...


The 3DMark 2011 score... IT'S OVER 9000!!!



Anyway though, darn impressive card, however tremendously impractical for any but the most extremely high end consumer... At which point they are going to yank that monstrous heat-sink and fan combo off and have a water-block (prefab or custom) attached to not only eliminate the noise but more efficiently move the heat.


Now of course the question becomes how well can it SLI with another Mars II card?


Oh, and obviously, MaxPC needs to get some of these for the next dream machine!



so assuming I won the lottery Wednesday night

could I take two of these and run them in quad sli? just asking as I have a corsair 1200 watt ax gold power supply and its got a ton of connectors on it just hanging around waiting for a user!

other than buying stock in the electric company, would it run?

my case and motherboard are big enough I think, cooler master haf 932 and a asus p6t board it got 3 slots so I figure if I used the top and bottom one they should fit lol now to go buy that lotto ticket



good luck getting a mobo with 6 pci express cards and a case that will fit it and keep it cool.



in response to whathuh, i was wondering this as well. i thought the 580's were only capable of tri-sli, but if you look on neweggs photo gallery, there is an sli bridge connector...


as for mastaguy, i think you mean pci-e slots, not cards, as mobos generally do not come with any peripherals. even still, a single mars II only requires one pci-e slot. in regards to the case, that depends on your motherboard configuration. you could get away with a case with 6 card slots. that being said, there are several motherboards on the market today that actually do have 6 or more pci-e slots, rendering your facetious fortune-wishes rather completely foolish and unwarranted.



My God.....It's full of stars...



Mother of god...

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