Hands-On Review of AMD’s New X3 Tri Core



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Keith E. Whisman

Now now.. you went to far when you stated that ATI video cards are faster compared to Nvidia. Whenever ATI posts a higher score than an Nvidia part Nvidia fixes any problems and speeds up is video card to outperform every competing ATI card.

Now I have noticed that Nvidia has been a little slow with driver updates lately. They have alot of new hardware they are writing drivers for and I heard that they are trying to integrate the PhysX software with the drivers to use any Nvidia GPU for PhysX physics accelleration.

So really ATI hasn't produced a video card that outperforms it's competing Nvidia part since the ATI 9700pro verses the Geforce 5800/5900 video cards. But I do hope that ATI and AMD stay alive and well to keep the competition up and the rate of new technology..



The CPU I'm using now is my first ever Intel chip. The first ATI product I have owned was the 32 meg All In Wonder. I paid 300 bucks for it and it turned out to be the biggest peice of crap I have ever bought for my computer. ATI's drivers are the worst thing I have ever seen, except for maybe the way Creative Labs does their thing with droppping older hardware support when a new OS comes out. But thats another gripe.

When AMD bought ATI (or vice versa), that's when I bought my first Intel. I do NOT like ATI and prolly never will. ATI will be AMDs downfall.

I will admit to owning an ATI product tho...an HD 650 tv card made by visiontek. My computer is in my bedroom and has been for more than 15 years. So laying in bed watching tv on my 20.1" wide screen isn't that bad of an experiance. I just didn't feel confident enough in the other less than popular brands to spend 80 to 120 bucks on them. At least with the ATI I know where to go to send hate emails when I get mad.

And what's up with that crappy crossfire concept? A "master/slave" set up that costs more for the master than the slave? Be for real peops. Espeacially when u can get 2 Nvidia cards that are identical and less expensive and do the same thing without another big a$$ cable to dink with. Yeah I know if you stick an ATI card next to an Nvidia card the ATI card is gonna out perform the NVidia card. But for a $100 price diff u can keep it since ur gonna have driver problems every 2 months.


Keith E. Whisman

You mean hold a rally to keep AMD alive? Don't bother. It's a publicly owned company. Just buy shares to help out.
In fact I believe stock share would be cheap right now. This time next year things will be different. AMD has teams of lawyers and analysts and market research firms working for them. They have financial experts and technical experts that are working hard at bringing AMD back to productivity.

AMD is in no danger of shutting it's doors.

AMD has seen worse times than these and survived. So has Intel, Nvidia and ATI.

They already have a line of products nearing release that will help. And if amd does release a 12core processor this year then I will buy one if I have to sell a kidney. I mean come on. It's 12 execution cores. That just makes me horny.

Just imagine with 12 cores how fast internet porn er I mean web content creation will be accelerated.



It'd be more fair to stack it up against the budget wolfdale pieces. In performance, not in price.... We should all go out and but an AMD chip, even fi we don't use it, maybe the influx of money will let AMD spew out a good chip.


Keith E. Whisman

Phenom, isn't that a five bladed razor?

But really come on. I thought this was an April fools joke.

Too bad you can't pair the Tri-Core Phenoms with Intel Extreme Graphics. Sounds like an evil marriage made in hell.
I'd bet the box says that it's made for Vista.
At least the AMD Quad is competitive though.

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