Hands on: Asus' Core 2 Duo-powered C90S notebook



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The company showed off prototype designs of its C90s to a select press crowd this week. Externally, the C90S looks like a standard 15.4-inch screened notebook save for a large vent on its butt. But unscrew four screws, slide the bottom off and the differences become apparent.




Why not make a flat screen with an attached keyboard and mouse control? Not a whole computer, just a flat screen with a keyboard and mouse control attached. Now picture this thing having S-video, an audio jack plug, one USB plug, and a power cord. Picture this thing having a removable case on the bottum inside which there are several three pronged plugs. Each of these plugs would be designed to send and a signal to the keyboard and mouse and screen with the first prong, and get power with the second prong.

With such a screen, every device that is pluged in can be anything that can be pluged in to this device, making the manufacturing of individual computer parts a breeze. It would also make the dilema of multiple screens vanish. No more having to get a second screen to play on your game counsel. Just get the really small exbox that may exist five years from now and plug it in as a simple addition to your screen with that built in keyboard and mouse. Picture these add ons someday being as small as little cubes or chips, or at least as small as cubes or little flattened sandwiches.

There are many things you could do with something as simple as a screen with a built in keyboard and mouse. It would be like having an upgradable computer. Nothing fancy, just a screen with a keyboard and mouse and a place to plug things in that can interact with that screen and keyboard and mouse. Lets revolutionize computer custumization!!!!



I bought an Alienware computer. I paid $3400 for it and an extended warrantee. The computer crashed every time I tried to play a modern game on it. I started working with the support people to fix this problem.

The support literally knows nothing about computers. After several times sending parts back and forth I eventually gave up on them fixing it. Sadly it meant that I had to just eat the $3400 and buy another computer. I was sickened, but felt that this was my only recourse.

The insult to injury came 2 days after I returned my last part. To facilitate warrantee exchanges, Alienware requires a credit card number before they will send a part. The last part I sent then, I called to confirm that they had received the part (something I always do when shipping items). They confirmed that they did. 2 Days later, they charged my card for the part.

I called them and they again confirmed they had received the part, and that they owed me the money. Almost 4 months later they still have not returned the money to me. I call almost daily now and keep getting told that they will have an answer as to how they plan on getting me this money in 24 hours… This has been going on since March 1, 2007.

I have been keeping logs now every time I call them, in the event that I may file a lawsuit against them. I have also found out that Alienware makes this route very difficult in that they refuse to give out any contact information as to the proper place to send legal documents.

I strongly urge anyone thinking of buying a computer: DO NOT BUY FROM ALIENWARE YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!!



You dolt.

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