Hammer Storage Myshare


Hammer Storage Myshare

When we first got the Myshare into the Lab, we were a bit taken aback by its simplicity. There’s no fancy software to accompany the 500GB device; it’s actually two 250GB drives striped using RAID 0. If you want to access the Myshare, you have to go through Windows Explorer, just as you would with any other network drive.

This route might be less sexy than a software-themed interface, but man, does it work. We nearly spit on the ground with joy when the Myshare was loaded and ready to go in less than 10 seconds—a far cry from the agonizingly slow Western Digital device previously reviewed. And in our highly scientific “transfer a lot of stuff” test, we were able to toss over a 3.6GB chunk of files in an average time of 5:13 (minutes: seconds). That, dear readers, is awesome.

Admittedly, 500GB of space isn’t a groundbreaking achievement in storage. But that’s just what this edition of the Myshare offers; Hammer Storage is already selling versions with up to 1.5TB of space, and a 2TB edition should be ready by the time you finish reading this very sentence. Have fun transferring every file you have to the device. You won’t even need an entire weekend to do it.


Speedy transfers, can share printers using the device, automatic USB-based backup, loads quickly.

Natural Numbers

Web-based interface might be tricky for newbs. Nothing pretty to look at.




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I think it looks VERY cool! And as far as speed... Its Raid 0.

Very cool!!!



Any suggestions on where to buy this thing in Canada?

Hammer Storage doesn't have an online store of its own and most of the retailers it lists are US-only.



What would be nice when reviewing these products (especially from companies we have never heard of) is if you would include at the minimum, a link to the companies web site, if not the actual product itself.



The link is right below the product name, which is to the right of the picture of... the product.

In this case, it's: www.hammer-storage.com



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