Google TV: We FAQ Google's Bid to Merge TV & Internet



I am super stoked for Google TV! Say bye bye to the normal television watching experience. With this, I will never leave my bedroom! And everyone else will be super jealous! 

A state of the art tv is a definite necessity to elevate your bedroom from plain jane to luxury! See what else needs an upgrade!




Well, we are talking about Google here - and as everyone knows they are high on the queue to take over the world.  As far as I'm concerned though: its almost 2011!!! - this technology should have been available years ago, so I'm glad someone is trying to integrate some of these various technologies into something less chaotic and (hopefully, eventually) more reasonably priced.





But with the ISP's and all their pissing and moaning about users consuming bandwidth (wah), are we really going to see widespread use of streaming media like this?

Hell, nearly the second it was announced that NetFlix was going to have iPhone and Android apps for streaming, AT&T announced the death of the unlimited 3G connection.  Poof, gone!  And it sounds like Verizon is close on it's heels in the cancellation of unlimited plans.

Folks, our problem isn't technology.  It isn't mfr's being able to provide us the rich internet feeds we want.

It's the whiney, greedy ISP's that will be the major obstacle in all this.


They act like a switch is a box full of little people being paid to flip little switches back and forth for the one's and zero's, at a rate of $50 per 1000 flips.



I can't see this succeeding without direct support from content providers. The cable companies better open up and allow full control to this, and that means proprietary set top boxes with Google TV integrated. Now that will be a headache. Who wants to add another link in the chain, and it needs HDMI output? Where will that come from? I agree with Steve Jobs, so far this is just a hobby.



The HDMI issue is moot, really. It's like a daisy chain, with the cable box's signal going to the dedicated Google TV box, which in turn outputs to the television. It's kind of like a Tivo, except without the finicky IR control system. Really, this is about standardizing how one interfaces with content. Also, I wonder if we'll eventually see Google TV set-top boxes with CableCard, so that you only need one box, as well. Kiiiind of exciting, if you ask me.



I like the idea overall.  3D is a gimmick, but internet and media connected TVs are actually the wave of things to come. Home theater PCs are the first to initiate the movement from back in the 1990s and still today.  Items like Western Digital's WD TV Live Plus are, I feel, the next generation of the concept and adding web apps to TVs are a positive step forward with the concept.



My burning desire would be for Sony to adapt this to the PS3 somehow, though the HDMI Input/Output may be a killer if that can't be overcome.



No chance on the PS3, but lets face it, the PS3 has been out since Nov. 2006, it's not long for this world anyway. I'm sure Sony is cooking something up with their next system for this.

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