Get Your Windows Service Pack Road Map Here

Get Your Windows Service Pack Road Map Here

News flash! Windows XP SP3 is due in the first half of 2008. Windows Server 2003 SP2 rolled out in mid-March. If you'd like to 'get smart' about service pack availability, the Windows Service Pack Road Map at deserves to be on your short list of favorite web pages.

It lists all of the NT-flavored Windows operating systems, provides links to the latest (and immediately previous) service packs, and provides projected dates for the next service pack.

Whether you're building a Windows XP slipstream edition (see the July 2007 issue of Maximum PC for details), creating a library of service packs you can distribute to users, or just wondering when the next service pack will arrive, this site's for you. Being able to download a service pack and burn it to CD or DVD for installation sure beats messing around with Windows Update, especially if you're stuck with a flaky online connection or are worrying about bumping up against so-called fair access policy download limits on satellite Internet services.

Even if you're not a Microsoft fanboy, you may have some other Redmond products on your system. To find out how long a particular Windows or other Microsoft product will be supported, check out the Lifecycle Supported Service Packs page at;[ln];lifesupsps.



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I checked the link to lifecycle/servicepacks.mspx and got "We're sorry, the page you requested cannot be found."... I looked at the address displayed and noticed it was missing the trailing "x"... Just add the x to the end of the url and you'll be good to go....



Thank's Homer, seems funny Microsoft would wait until next year to release a service pack so close to the EOL of XP, they need to release it now, before I do something crazy, like install Vista, what am I thinking?!. Somebody stop me.



Just do a google search for "life cycle service pack" (don't put the quotation marks). The first link is what you are looking for.

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