Geek Gift Week: 17 Unbelievable USB Thumb Drives



.. it's interesting to learn about these usb flash drives..



My problem would be when I want to use my USB drive, I would pull out my pistol that actually shoots bullets, and when I would want my real pistol I would grab the USB drive.




Voltron FTW!



I really like the Darth Vader one.



I've had the SuperTalent Pico for a while, and do like it a lot. It's not the speediest, but neither is it slow. What it is is incredibly small, which I like.

However, small might mean "easily lost" to some folk. For me, I keep close tabs on it, so it's not a problem. Nice little drive. My only knocks against it are:

1. It's just a bit fat, making it a bit more difficult to insert into standard USB slots. It'll go in, but it's a tight fit. (Ok, insert your jokes here... =)

2. Not much to grip when inserting or removing it. It's all metal, so fingers can slip off of it. I've had to take my multitool to it a couple of times, because I can't get a grip on it to remove from USB port (remember it's a tight fit). Now I just keep the chain threaded on it, so I can yank its chain. (Insert more jokes)


Overall, nice little flash, durable, small/light.

Oh, check out if you like running portable versions of popular opensource apps.


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