Gears of War



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Julia Meth

The game is very much interesting and a good time pas..but some maps are very dark in which no one can see properly... Company has rectify this problem... Custom Dissertation



I always enjoy pc games really a lot,having actually played several themes simple or hardcore as Pacific Fighters, Far Cry,Fear,Oblivion, Ghost REC. Advc. Warfighter, Call Of Duty 4,and the best of all - Crysis, and Assasins Creed ( i believed this last could be one of the greats); there's no doubt that Gears Of War has no place in today's hardcore and intense realistical grapichs gaming. Microsoft games studios and Bill Gates should be much more aware of today's and upcoming versions of their overall mentioned gaming competitors. My respect and best wishes to Microsoft Studios. I love reading Maximum PC, and have learned a lot from this magazine. Have a great gaming year.!!!!



MPC dinged the coop for no split screen but they forgot to mention the brilliant aspects of the coop. You can actually play coop over the internet for starters, unlike just about any other game out there and that is terrific on it's own. I wish many more games would do that, as sometimes dealing with the online rif raf in multiplayer games becomes very tiring. Hooking up with a good friend that doesn't annoy the hell out of you and sharing the single player campaign can be a hell of a lot more fun and less annoying, and because you have your entire screen to yourself instead of losing half the real estate to your coop partner, but can still see him and talk to him, it makes for a much more immersive and enjoyable experience. Take notice game developers! GOW is on to something with their Coop and you should follow suit!



This game is plagued by game save problems. See here......



The co-op mode is really cool. I'm really glad it's now on PC. The graphics are amazing and an awesome story. This game will have to be made into a movie at some point.



Finally, I will enjoy this with a real mouse/keyboard instead of a silly gamepad stick. I could never really aim well with those controllers.

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