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Kira Shannen

These huge monitors made me wonder who in the right mind would buy such things, if they aren't capable of rising to their looks. This video processing chipset reminds me of those fables with the mosquito that knocks the lion down. If only I would find such a thing for my spyware, too...



The 30" monitors are fantastic when they work. The Dell I replaced the crummy Gateway with is still going strong.


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Greetings fellow MaximumPC subscribers / Fans.  I've been researching this problem myself and found a lot of good information.  Something about this screen invokes an emotion, and its like a knife in the heart that this thing is giving out on us after only a year of use (and with such a big price tag too).

Anyway here's some great links on how you can repair this screen yourself with 1 hour of time plus a candle!  The problem is there is a chip that comes away from a circuit board after it gets very hot for a long time.  Another cause of failure is a failed capacitor on the board (can be replaced with some soldering), or a failed ribbon wire (less likely).

If you are hands on, there's a step-by-step walkthrough with pictures of exactly how to do the repair:

ALTERNATIVELY: There are some people that are selling repaired controller boards that you can just swap out on EBAY, or you can ship them the monitor and they'll repair the board for you and ship you the screen back.  The low end option, do it all yourself, costs you nothing.  The more expensive options will cost you $200 for the repair plus shipping each way.  


The failed circuit board is this part number and you can google / ebay it: LTM300M1C8LV3.2There is a class action suit currently moving forward against Gateway about this can't believe that Gateway actually won't let me call them without entering into the phone the serial number, then it says my warranty is expired, gives me the # of an Indian company (which will not talk to you about the monitor - They tell you to go on their website and use online chat, and then the people you chat with tell you they don't service the thing).  I'm pretty furious about it and you should be too.Now I have to give Dell some of my money. Yuck.If you find this article helpful, visit my website at and try sending large files for free.  Good luck!




I gave the "dead" monitor to my brother last year and bought the Dell (which I am very happy with). Since there were report of the 24v PS failing, he futzed around with a new power supply or two with no positive results.

I have sent him the text you provided above and he may be trying the fix. It was a nice screen when it worked so it was a shame to not be able to fix it. Hopefully this works. Thanks very much for this follow up. I am still going to avoid any Gateway products.



ok bought this monitor 2 years ago. after exaclty 12 month had huge green line accross the screren. Thankfully it was within warranty time got the replacement not another 12 month past and the replaced monitor crapped out again with this problem huge white line accross the screen veretically


I dont know what to do now . Gateway does not even respnd to my emails that I prevoulsy sent when I got thier replacement montitor 

can someone help pleaseS?



      I bought this monitor base on this review and Best of The Best list. It's lasted for one year and sixteen days with an average of two hours per day usage. It has a blackout verticle bar about 6.4 inch wide from top to bottom near center. Later on, the black bar became white/color striped. Gateway has one year warranty only compare to HP or Dell have three years warranty. I contacted Gateway trying to locate a Gateway repair center, but Gateway told me to contact a local repair shop instead. I have called many local repair shops, but noboby able to repair Gateway due to no spare part. I searched internet and found that many people have the same problem. This lemon only last a little more than a year. I will stay away from Gateway forever.

Here is a link from other people with the same problem.



One year, two weeks, six days...that's all it lasted.  It starts with a green vertical line of pixels and then progresses to uselessness.  I bought mine due to this review and it looks like I'm now one of HUNDREDS of victims.  This monitor has such a bad stigma now that no electronics repair facility I have contacted so far will even touch it due to lack of parts support from Gateway.  I just received the Gateway blow-off...  "Your product is out of warranty...."  No option for repair, as expected.  If my request for escalation is rejected (as I expect), I'm going to the Watchdog!  This monitor is so consistent with it's after-1-year failures, the 'Dog's gonna be eating Black & White Beef for dinner...




I second that request for a new High-End Best of the Best monitor!



I noticed that it has been removed from best of the best list, why no replacement? Must be a new monitor coming out that they are thinking of putting up in its place.



I felt compelled to register just so I could leave this comment about the complete UNWORTHINESS of a Gateway product.  This monitor was on the Best-of-the-Best list for so long, I bought one.  Boy, was this a mistake.  I think the monitor made it just about a year with some minor glitches here and there and if it had just been that, I would have only been miffed, but now it does the major flicker and I am very irritated.  After reading about all the other people that are having the exact same problem, I will never again buy a Gateway product.  I bought another power supply in the hopes that it would be an easy fix for an expensive monitor, but the second power supply did not resolve the issue.

I paid $1250 for this monitor a year ago.  $100 a month rental fee.  Terrible. Just terrible.

I have since bought a Dell 3008WFP with a three-year warranty for $1500 and I think it's the best deal out there for a 30" monitor.  Lots of connections and Dell will do advanced replacement, too.

I've been a long-time reader of MPC and I love the mag, but I think putting the XHD3000 on such a high pedestel was a big mistake.  I hope this helps steer others away from this monitor.

My .02




I steered away from Gateway for over a decade because they were always junk, but when this monitor got some good reviews I deviated from my normal monitor brands and picked this up. I think it was on sale for less than 1800.00 at the time as well.

Now the screen is flickering and I doubt it is worth the money to pay for this thing to be fixed.

While I am sure there is some legal loophole for Gateway to slip through, I wonder if there are a large amount of people with the SAME issues that a class-action suit wouldn't be in order. It just seems uncanny that the same issues are being had and blogged about all over the Internet.



This monitor is a nightmare for the end user. I bought it in early '08, and as soon as the 1-year warranty ended, problems started occurring. The monitor would overheat and stop functioning, and there was usually a single green line down the center-left of my screen. Now, starting yesterday, a huge screen tear shows up on the screen across all inputs - Component, VGA, DVI, HDMI - so I know it's the monitor and not my videocard. What a piece of crap. That's $1800 down the tubes. I should've known better and bought something with a 3-year warranty. I see a lot of Gateway customers on Gateway's own site and elsewhere complaining that this monitor dies right after the warranty's up.



I am glad I saw the review through MaximumPC.  Only bad thing I can say is when I purchased mine over a year ago was that it cost $1200.  I bought a second one off Newegg for $900 and several friends all took advantage of the free shipping (no taxes) that was offered at the time.  Unfortunately, it seems like Gateway has discontinued this display.  Only place I can find it is at Microcenter and not all their stores have the monitor in stock.  You have to pick it up.  This is a great monitor with plenty of adjustability and an about perfect picture quality.  I hope Gateway comes up a newer version that matches this one. 


Bean Bandit

So is this monitor really still worth it? Currently i'm using a Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2040u 22" with 2x8600 GT's for gaming and I think my monitor might be going out and looking for a replacement. I've got the money to buy the Gateway XHD3000 but is this still a good monitor? Some of you guys are having problems with fixing this or even buying them. Is this monitor going out the door? Main reason why i'm still using a CRT is that just over all in quality it's still a damn good monitor minus the fact that it ways almost 100 lbs.



I though since MAXIMUMPC is still rating this monitor the best I could get direction to getting my flickering one repaired. But from reading the other comments there doesn't seem to be even one good answer and we all know now that after the warranty Gateway will have nothing to do with you. Judy (Gateway's customer service) says "call around your area and find someone to repair it as we don't repair monitors". At least she didn't tell me to take a hike, so that's good!!

I tried Best Buy repair but after two weeks it came back with no repairs done at their Chicago service center. They gave me back the shipping cost as nothing was done. Still working with them to see if something can get done. TigerDirect was selling them and refurbish ones too, but not at the price I paid ($1800). Around $1000. as I remember. Shadoriix, your comment sounds a lot like one I read there. I was going to add a comment too as soon as I got something finished with Best Buy. When mind came back (two weeks) TigerDirect had stopped selling  the 30" monitors, no stock or problems???

Well that's my story and i'm sticking to it. BUT IF ANY ONE FINDS A PLACE THAT WILL SERVICE THESE BEST MONITORS PLEASE LET US ALL KNOW. TKS, TKS AND ANOTHER BIG TKS IF YOU FIND A PLACE. Come to Milwaukee and we'll have many beers on me for my appreciation. Not many brewerys left, but pretty of beer.

My last word to those that want the biggest and the best, you are taking a big gamble in getting one, if you can. Take the longest warranty available and hope it stays together for you. Otherwise Gateway won't help!!!



   There are only THREE places to get this monitor any more. Two are small online dealers charging 170% of Gateway's MRSP and they do not SHOW stocking levels. Gateway's site shows on ONE retailer and you have to go to the stores out West. I tried a bunch of cities and they were ALL out of stock.

  You really cannot have a monitor on the best of the best list unless you can BUY the thing! C'mon Maximum PC, update your list for best monitor!


MT Hopper

AND it is still listed in Best of the Best!? Any recommendations for a 24 inch plus monitor?



MT Hopper



Very dissapointed with this monitor and gateway service.  After 1 year and 2 months and of course off warranty I'm getting green banding and flickering constantly on the monitor.  Its now unuseable.  I original paid $1800 with tax for this thing and I'm shocked at this level of quality.  This is a high end premium product and for it to break after barely a year is criminal.  This shouldn't be a disposable product.  Gateway won't even provide me any mechanism to send it in for repair and no local service company will touch it.  Search these reviews before you buy.  I'm seeing several people with the same problem all right at or a little over the year mark. 



Factory failure right out of the box.  I was sooo angry!  I don't know if I want to get a different monitor, or get another... hoping it too isn't an utter failure.



Should I buy the Samsung 245T or this 30 inch XHD3000.  The purpose of the monitor will be for gaming.  I am using two 8800 ultras for G card if that factors into the monitors performance.  Thanks for the help.  Pro tips appreciated.



After loving my monitor for a year and two weeks my monitor started to act like a strobe light. Checking different forums sujested that i get another power supply for my monitor. Called Gateway to purchase another power supply for the monitor and they said they couldnt help me because my warranty was up, they sujested to call their tech support for $60 to help resolve my problem. So i hung up and called again to be given numbers to variors vendors that sell refurbished powersupplys, and none of them carry them, asked gateway again for usefull numbers only to be given fake numbers and even to retailer tigerdirect (which doesnt carry the item i need). So my monitor sits useless for almost a month now. Spent nearly 2k after taxes when it first came out, Dismal support from gateway. No one carries the power supply for this unit and no one wants to help. Never buying from gateway again. Going back to my old dell 17"  monitor thats been used in a a heavy restaurant enviroment for about 5yrs.



I have seen the price of this monitor go WAY down lately. I wonder if a newer one is going to come out soon? Even Best Buy has it listed for $999 along with NewEgg and others. HmmmmmMMMMMmmm.



I purchased this monitor the day it became available here in Toronto, Canada. For six months it was a wet dream, a true joy to behold. ( I am gamer geek) Then one day the touch screen failed to respond. I could not turn it on, turn it off, no video input would work. Kudos to Gateway, they went out of their way to replace the monitor. I have had the replacement monitor for two months now, and have had only one issue so far. Once when I turned it off, the backlight did not shut off. I had to unplug the monitor to resolve the issue. I find the sound bar very lacking as a primary source of audio, but a welcome addition to my 4.1 Klipsch speakers. I truly enjoy using this monitor, but holding my breath every day to see if it is going to work properly is a bit tiresome.



I purchased this monitor 4 days ago and have had both joy and pain with it since.

Pro: I love the PIP support, such as sizing the window, moving, and transparency. While there are limits when using 2560x1600 mode, Gateway denotes these limits up front and discusses how to work around them.

The 2560x1600 is wonderful. The color width / saturation could be better (e.g. like the Dell 3008WFP, but you can't have everything).

The multiple input support works very nicely.

The Con, though, are significant, IMHO.

1) Lacks a Media Card Reader as the Dell 3008WFP or 3007WFP provide. (Minor nit)

2) The color width / saturation is not as good as the Dell 3008WFP (which is at 117% of NTSC and shows it). (Moderate)

3) When I boot my Windows XP Pro x64 system, Windows' Plug & Play asks me to provide the "Gateway XHD3000 driver." Contacting Gateway results in talking to people who simply say "monitors don't need drivers." Yet, I keep getting this message whenever Windows scans for new hardware. So, there are two issues: (A) The software issue with the driver and (B) Gateway is unable support this monitor.

After searching on my own, I found USB device drivers for the XHD3000. When I try to install the driver, Windows says it can't find the hardware associated with the software from Gateway. I pointed this out to Gateway support. Their response was to say they don't know what to say.

At this point, I'm at a loss for where to go for help.

Do YOU know someone at GATEWAY who is willing to take ownership of technical support? If so, please, send them my way. (Major / Critical issues)


This really seems to be a 21st monitor but the support is almost 1980 Microsoft with no one wanting to take ownership and/or help.



I just hooked up this monitor and it has a factory defect. Stay faaaar away from this monitor at all costs. A small circle appears on the right side of the screen and you can see the outline of a phillips head screw poking at the back of the screen. The circle is about the size of a dime. Even the low bass from my small hometheater subwoofer sitting all the way across the room caused this circle to appear. Any kind of pressure, even from its own stand causes this circle to appear and makes it completely unwatchable. Here is a link to another person who is experiencing the same issue.
He was lucky because Gateway let him do a defective exchange. I wasn't so lucky, Gateway is blaming me for this issue and refusing to take it back as defective meaning I must pay a 15% restocking fee. The tech support manager actually told me my screen was not defective just because a small circle appears whenever my subwoofer makes a sound. The funny part is the other guy's replacement monitor has the same problem. So the whole line of xhd3000s have this defect. I tried other screens in the same place as my xhd3000 and none of them experienced this issue. DO NOT BUY THIS SCREEN.




I agree with you that Gateway support refuses to take any ownership of problems.

While I'm lucky that my screen doesn't have any defects that I have yet to notice. My 200 RMS watt sub-woofer isn't causing a problem. Knock on electrons.

I am having issues with Windows saying it needs a driver for the monitor every time I boot Windows. Gateway support told me to call Dell, then Microsoft. When I asked them to tell me what to tell these other companies, they couldn't. They refused to take responsibility for their own hardware.




I just purchased 6 of these for a dispatch center and one for myself. Every monitor was flawless and has to be seen to be believed. My personal monitor is used for gaming and it rocks! Built in speakers are fine if you add a nice big subwoofer to the mix.



ill look into it i actualy live where gateway first opened but i got a friend who works there oh ya 99% of the staff there thinks water cooling is impossible what retards



lol.. thats because it is impossible, silly :P



This looks like a killer screen. But when i went to gateway to purchase it, i couldnt. there was no box to check to purchase the item.

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